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The 2002 Fireman's Race at 
The Hidden Valley Ski Resort 

Competitors round the gate headed for home.


Racers get ready for the 2002 event. 

The race course is made ready.

Fireman and Hidden Valley staff share in the fun.

And the race begins.

Lady "Firepersons" help the team.

Intensity takes over with an eye on the finish line. 

Just a few more gates and we are there. 

A Martinsville fireman shows that he has done this before.

Firemen come down the course as some go up the lift.

Looking for the ultimate fireman's suit   ....  it's a birthday suit.

...and they finished.

How about a photograph to prove you actually did it.

Say "Cheese (cake)"

Same guys before the phone booth?  Nope.  But another team of competitors. 

The race continues

Another coed team rounds a gate in good form.

Heading for the finish line.

Approaching the blue gate.

Rounding the gate in good form.

Are snowboards legal?


What happened to those guys at the end of the hose?

Here's one of them....still smiling and enjoying the day.

And the racers keep coming.

...and coming.

Not everyone raced.  We sometimes get smarter with age.

Thanks Dan, Mike & "Bud" for your support!

...and thank you Dave and Hidden Valley!


The 2002 Fireman's Race Champs... The Clifton Firemen.   Congratulations! 


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