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The Stratton Mountain President's Day Ski Trip

Thanks Lisa and Barry!!!


Hidden Valley's Finest on the slopes at Stratton Mountain


Char Malley Heather Kahl Buffy Whiting John Whiting Dave Kahl John Malley Pete Hoer 'Super G' Gerard Hawkins Malinda Hawkins John Paulovich Lisa Reiss Barry Reiss

Photo taken by Alixis Reiss

Hidden Valley Coaches Party with the Host and Hostess

Lisa is served breakfast by the Hidden Valley Racing Kids

Did Tommy forget his skis so he could get a free ride from Dad?

The Racing Coaches take a lunch break.

The Racing Kids take a lunch break too.  Melinda is a kid!

An après ski break.   No one wants to go back to the real world!

Background photo "Sunrise at Stratton Mountain" taken by John T. Whiting

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