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Father's Day at the

The Bronx Z00

June 15, 2003


Dad, Patrick Jones is headed for a surprise Father's Day adventure.

Denise handles the driving duties to points unknown. 

Buffy is ready for a Father's Day adventure.

Father Patrick and son Reilly arrive at the Bronx Zoo.

Meredith is happy to be at the Bronx Zoo.

Lillianna is not sure what to think.  She will take a "wait and see attitude."

The Congo is the first stop.

Who's watching who?

A big guy relaxing.


This monkey needs to trim his mustache..


Meredith, Lillianna, Denise and Reilly head into the Congo cave.

Patrick with one of his favorite daughters, Meredith heads to the next adventure. 

The butterfly exhibition was one of the favorite stops. 

The butterflies were happy to pose for photos.

A gopher says "We have visitors."

...Meredith and...


A beautiful bird.

A Father bird celebrating Father's Day.

Mom, Denise and Meredith take a rest.

DadPa and Reilly join Denise and Lillianna for a break.

Lillianna becomes a worm.

"What do you think Lil?"  "Having fun?"

 Kids can feed the animals in the Children's Zoo.  Meredith with a friend..

Lillianna and Meredith taking a break.

Meredith with a friend.

Lillianna unsure about her new friend.

DadPa enjoying Reilly.  Do you think the feeling is mutual?

Denise relaxing with Reilly.

The entire group enjoyed a fun Father's Day at the Bronx Zoo.


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