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Buffy & John's 2008 Bulletin Board

*  Buffy & John finished the 2009 Ski season with at trip to one of their favorite New Hampshire ski resorts, Waterville Valley.

John Sheehan plays at the Short Hills Ski Club Ski House

Buffy & John on line for first tracks - Waterville Valley.

Buffy & John do Tuckerman's (at the Ski Museum)

* Skiing at the Hidden Valley Club was outstanding as January 2009 came to an end as can be seen from the video below.  For more photos of our fun time skiing at Hidden Valley click HERE and click on the 2009 Photos on the drop down menu.

*  Daughter Denise and Buffy & John's grandkids with ski buddies Ben & Kate at the top of HV with

Buffy & John with Ben & Kate (left) & family Lili, Denise, Meredith and Riley on the top of HV

* The Hidden Valley Ski Racing Program is underway.  Buffy & John are again coaching.

Buffy's 2009 "Mountain Killers" Ski Racing Team

John's 2009 "The Best Rocket Ski Racing Team Ever" Ski Racing Team

* We skied on Christmas and gave cookies to all our friends who work at the Hidden Valley Club and as lift attendants. To see photos click HERE.

* The recent December 12th ice storm took down a lot of trees, delayed the opening of the Hidden Valley Ski Resort and required that Buffy and John go without electricity for 2 days, but other wise did no damage. 

A fallen tree does minor damage to Chicken Lift...  

... but the HV Mountain staff has the problem corrected. 

The ice storm did not keep Buffy from going to work...  

...even thought the drive down Curtis Drive was an adventure.

* Buffy and John kicked off the 2008/09 ski season with a ski trip to Sugarbush, Vermont with a few of there closest ski buddies.

* The Whiting Family got together to celebrate Thanksgiving at a church service at the Verona Presbyterian Church>

Can you identify the people in this photograph?

* Buffy & John spent their 25th Wedding Anniversary on St. John in the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.  To see photos of this beautiful vacation HERE.

* Buffy & John helped create the first Hidden Valley Club Peach Jam Music Festival.  To view photos of the Peach Jam Music Festival click HERE.

John thanks supporters at the end of Peach Jam

Buffy with friends Adam, Tom and Cathy


* The 2008 13th Annual Kelly & Poppa Lou Friends & Family Golf Classic was held on July 26th.  As usual it was a highlight of the summer.  To see photos of the event click HERE.

The 2008 13th Annual Kelly & Poppa Lou Golf Classic Participants

* Buffy & John enjoyed a weekend at Montauk Long Island with our friends the Fulga's.

To see more photos of our fun weekend click HERE

* Buffy & John played in the 2008 8th Annual Cape Cod Invitational Golf Classic over the weekend of June 13th.

The participants in the 8th Annual CCIGC enjoy breakfast at the McGraths

Enjoy the photos of this fun weekend by clicking HERE.

* Buffy & John enjoyed Memorial Day Weekend with friends and family upstate New York in the Catskills.  More photos to come soon!

The "Family"!

* Buffy & John played in the 2008 14th Annual Hidden Valley Closed Invitational Golf Classic. 

To see photos of this fun event click HERE.

Background photo "Cape Cod Invitational Golf Course" taken by Dr. John T. Whiting



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