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2015 Winter Events

          The 2015 ski season has been great.  We surpassed our goal of 102 days on snow this season by skiing 105 days.  Our on snow ski day history is summarized below:

          Ski Season Hidden Valley Club Mountain Creek Away from the Hidden Valley Club Total Days on Snow
          2014-2015 0 104 1 Belleayre 105*
          2013-2014 0 100 1 Camelback 101
          2012-2013 0 85 5 90
          2011-2012 61 8 10 79
          2010-2011 75 9 13 97
          2009-2010 85 3 8 96
          * a new on snow record!        

          * The "REAL" last day of the 2015 ski season at Mountain Creek was Easter Sunday, April 5th.  This brought our on snow days to 105, a new record.  It was a beautiful day made extra special by an Easter Service at the top of the mountain led by ski buddy Sabina Kroeger.  The photos below tell the story. To read the Advertiser News North article about the last days at Mountain Creek click HERE.

          Buffy & John riding the 1st chair on the last day of the MC ski season joined by Matt Mallard, Lift Supervisor (chair), Charlie Lauren, Lift Manager (right), Lift Supervisor Sean Keane (kneeling) and ski buddies.  It was a GREAT last day.

          Buffy & John with ski buddies Joe &Stephanie (left) and Tom (right) at the top of Mountain Creek North Easter Sunday marking their 105th day on snow, a new record surpassing last year's record of 101 by 4 days.

          * April Fool!  Skiing at Mountain Creek has been extended to Easter Sunday, April 4th & 5th.  However we celebrated on Wednesday, April 1st "April Fool's Day" as if it was the last day.  The photos below tell the story. 

          Buffy & John wait to be on 1st chair on April Fool's Day.  April Fools - the chair did not run

          Celebrating a GREAT ski season with ski buddies at the Mountain Creek Biergarten - April Fool's Day

          Buffy with our ski buddies from the "old" Norseman's Club.  Over 50 years of fun skiing.

          Some of our ski buddies pose for a "last day" April Fool's photo before heading for the lift.

          * Sunday, March 29th was to be the last day of the Mountain Creek Ski Season - but the last day has been extended until Wednesday, April 1st "April Fool's Day".  We celebrated on Sunday as if it was the last day with great skiing with friends, a tail gate party and some adult beverages to toast the season and the mountain.  Another rotten day in heaven!

          Buffy & John with Stephanie & Mike at the top of Bear Peak

          Tail gating in the parking lot at South after skiing. Thumbs up!

          Buffy & John share a toast with friends Richard & Bonnie.

          * St Patrick's Day was spent on the slopes at Mountain Creek marking the 90th day of skiing this season.  After skiing the celebration continued at the Irish Cottage and the Vernon Inn with friends.

          Lift buddy Robert with Buffy & John before riding the Cab on St. Patrick's Day 2015

          * On the day following Valentine's Day we skied our 60th day.  The previous week was eventful because we were able to test access and exiting on the ski lifts at Mountain Creek to support the Adaptive Sports Program at Mountain Creek we have been working on for a year.  The photos below tell some of the story.

          Buffy with our die-hard ski buddies & Laurie in her Valentine outfit at the Cab lift

          Buffy & Lift Supervisor Kenny, ASP Members John S & Susanne planning lift access

          John enters the Cab Lift backwards under as Patrol Director Susanne watches

          John enjoys a run on the Great Northern Ski Slope following his success on the lifts

          * We got some nice fresh snow on Saturday, January 24th and more in early February as noted below.  This has made the skiing at Mountain Creek outstanding.  Come join us for the fun.

          Our snowman says "You got almost 9 inches of snow  January 24th" 

          Snowfall at our home at Hidden Valley as of February 2nd with more to come.

          * Developed a new way to clean off the car after a snow fall.  A large bed sheet is draped over the car held down by bunji cords.  Following the snowfall the sheet is slid off of the car removing all of the snow.  It works great as the photos below demonstrate.  Give it a try.

          Car with bed sheet snow cover...

          Car with snow removed following sliding the snow sheet cover off of the car.

          * Christmas was celebrated with the traditional gift of cookies to the lift attendants at Mountain Creek. The Advertiser News posted an article on its web site and printed it in the newspaper. To view the posting click HERE .

            Ski season was another early kickoff of on the Friday following Thanksgiving at the Belleayre Ski Resort in New York and the 1st Day of skiing at Mountain Creek on Saturday November 29th.  To view the Mountain Creek opening day video with Buffy & John click HERE.  

          Santa and Buffy present cookies to two lift attendants at Mountain Creek

          John & Buffy with their lift attendant and Ski Patrol buddies at Mountain Creek

          John & Buffy kick off the ski season at Belleayre Ski Resort in New York

          Buffy, John & friend Bob Hoffman in the 1st chair to kick off the season at Mountain Creek

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