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Year 2006


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Events of 2005

* Trip to Ireland

* Labor Day Family Photos

* Kids Ski Club Sleep Over

* The 2005 10th Annual Kelly & Poppa Lou Golf Classic

* The 2005 Cape Cod Invitational Golf Classic

* The 2005 Rolex Transatlantic Challenge

* Waterville Valley Vacation 2005

* The Hurricane & Hot Shot Fun Race

* Brian Stars on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

Events of 2004

* Buffy & John's Ski Trip to Chile

* The 2004 Kelly & Poppa Lou Golf Classic   

* The 2004 Cap Cod Invitational Golf Classic    

* 2004 Hidden Valley Closed Golf Classic

* Aunt Helen's 90th Birthday Party

* Buffy & John at 2004 Greek Independence Day Parade

* Buffy's 2004 NASTAR Ski Racing Ranking

* John's 2004 NASTAR Ski Racing Ranking

Events of 2003

* The Kelly & Poppa Lou Golf Classic   

* The 2003 PGA Buick Golf Classic   

* Hidden Valley Closed Golf

* Sussex County Dart League   

* Favorite Places to Eat

* Favorite Golf Courses

* Woodstock 94 & 99

* Waterville Valley, NH.

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Buffy & John's Bulletin Board

* 2006 ended with no snow at Hidden Valley.  Buffy & John headed north to Waterville Valley to celebrate the New Year's with friends and to do some skiing.

A view from the top of Waterville Valley - January 1st

Buffy & John toast the New Year with friends Geoff & Bret.

Buffy & John take a break from skiing High Country.

* The 2006-2007 Ski Season has begun for Buffy & John at Hidden Valley.

John & Buffy ready to make 1st tracks on the 1st day of skiing at Hidden Valley.

Hidden Valley Opened for Skiing Saturday, December 16th, 2006. Buffy skied 1st tracks on Chicken.

Buffy makes 1st tracks at HV on the 1st day of skiing.

* Buffy and John enjoy family during the Holiday Season

Holiday Party hosted by Denise & Patrick Jones

Back row:  Patrick, Denise, Buffy, Brad, Stephen, JT, Sue, Reilly, Nolan, Peggy & Lili
John, Brian, Scott, Jackie, Baby Brody, Meredith & Anne

Thanksgiving Party hosted by Irene Dupre & Lou Roberti

Back row:  Dennis, Mark, Mickey, Gavin, Aden, Kevin, Jeff,, Amanda & Patty
Front row:  Buffy, Lisa, Erin, Irene, Meredith, Lou, Hap and John

* October 2006 has been a busy month.  The 6th Annual Columbus Day Golf Classic, Pumpkin Picking at the farm and the birth of Brody Robert Mortensen to Jackie and nephew Scott Mortensen.

John on the tee at Apple Greens Golf Club

John on the tee at Apple Greens Golf Club Columbus Day Weekend

Buffy's 2nd shot at Blackhead Golf Club

Buffy takes 2nd shot at Blackhead Golf Club's par 5 "Hole from Hell" Columbus Day Weekend

Lil, Meredith & Riley with Jack-O-Lantern after pumpkin picking

Lili, Meredith & Riley pose with Jack-o-lantern after pumpkin picking.

Jackie & Scott Mortensen with baby BrodyBaby Brody Robert Mortensen born October 16th

Jackie, Scott & baby Brody                               Brody Robert Mortensen

* Buffy & John helped celebrate Tammy Smith's 40th Birthday at a party hosted at the Smith's home in Lake Walkill.

Tammy and a few of her closest friends help her celebrate her birthday.

* Buffy & John attended the Annual Harvest Moon Music Festival hosted by the Warwick Winery
featuring Sarah Lee Guthrie, the daughter of folk legend Arlo Guthrie.  For more photos click HERE.

L to R: Sarah Lee Guthrie, Buffy, John, Johnny Irion

Mark Erelli entertains the crowd.  Can you find Buffy in the photo?

* Buffy & John recently enjoyed a vacation starting with a visit to the grand children at Whiting Beach and then spent three days playing golf at beautiful Harbourtowne Resort in Maryland.  To see some photos of the weekend click HERE.

R to L:  Stephen, Buffy, John & JT.

Buffy tees of at the par 3 on the Harbourtowne Resort Golf Course

* Buffy & John's spent a weekend playing golf at the little known by outstanding French Woods Golf & Country Club in the Catskills.  To see some photos of the weekend click HERE.

Buffy & John watch the sunset at French Woods Golf & Country Club.

John points to Cabin #7 at French Woods Golf & Country Club from the 13th tee.

... and on the way home stopped by the Woodstock site in Bethel, NY and bumped into old friend "Mr. Woodstock" Duke Devlin.   To see photographs of our Woodstock 94 & Woodstock 99 adventures click HERE.

* Buffy & John's firm Golf Event Photos was again hired by the PGA Tour to photograph the Buick Championship Hartford PGA Tour Saturday Series Pro Am at Hartford Connecticut.

To view photos of this event go to or click HERE.

* Buffy & John again won a prize at a recent 9 and Dine at Ballyowen Golf Club.

Fellow ski race coaches Jack & Amy join Buffy & John in showing their prizes at a recent 9 and Dine at Ballyowen Golf Club.

* Buffy & John were again commissioned to photograph the 2006 PGA Tour Saturday Series Pro Am

John & Buffy with PGA Pros Jay Delsing & Jeff Brehaut.  To view these photos of this event go to or click HERE.

* Buffy & John participated in the 2006 6th Annual Cape Cod Invitational Golf Classic

To view these photos click HERE.

* Buffy & John spent Memorial Day Weekend upstate with friends and family partying and playing golf...

Gerry Shirley Brendon Farley Terence Farley Mark Dupre Buffy Whiting Bart Leverich Dermot Farley Fran Gunn Mickey Parsons John Whiting
Memorial Day Golf At Blackhead Mountain Golf Resort.   (Click on the head in the photo to identify the person)

John Buffy Fran Patrick
Team Whiting:  John Whiting, Buffy Whiting, Fran Gunn & Patrick Jones.   (Click on the head in the photo to identify the person)

The 2006 Ski Season was outstanding.  Buffy & John again served as race coaches in the Hidden Valley Ski Resort Hurricane & Hot Shot Ski Racing Program.  Photos of the 2006 Season and Fun Race can be reviewed by clicking HERE.

Photo by Dave Wiley

Buffy with her racing team "The Bionic Buffys"

Photo by Dave Wiley

John with his racing team "The Speedy Skiers"

John was honored by Program Director Rick Fulga with...

...the Ski Racing Program's "Excellence in Coaching" Award

Announcement:  I have written a book on sking called "Learn to Ski for Fun!"

The book is in draft and in need of editing.  If you would like to add your comments and editorial suggestions to the book you can down load the book by clicking on the book cover to the right. 

Comments and editorial suggestions that get used in finalizing the book will get the person who made the suggestion included in the Acknowledgments section of the book.

To go to the "Learn to Ski For Fun" web site click HERE.

The Learn to Ski For Fun Book Cover


Background photo "Mount Tecumseh at Waterville Valley Ski Resort" taken by Dr. John T. Whiting

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