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2009 - 2010 Ski Season Bulletin Board and Activities

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* Buffy & John ended the 2010 ski season with a 3 day trip to Belleayre Mountain in New York.  The skiing was outstanding "Spring Skiing."

Buffy & John skied above the clouds on April 1st at Belleayre.  It was fun!

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                Buffy skiing at Belleayre - April 1, 2010

While at Belleayre Mountain we stayed in a GREAT Inn.  Chalo and Vickie are super hosts and the food is out of this world.  Give it a try if you are in the area and say "Hi" from Buffy & John.  To learn more about the Inn click on the photo below.

* Living on the top of the beginner slope at the Hidden Valley Club provides an opportunity to enjoy skiing following work and on the weekends.  Last year we skied 85 days at the HVC and 91 total.  The table below tracks this year's fun on the snow.  We skied 96 days.  It was fun!

B & J's Days on Snow Count

At the Hidden Valley Club Away from Hidden Valley Total Ski Days
2008 - 2009 Ski Season 85 6 91
2009 - 2010 Ski Season 85 11 96

* Meet our 2010 Hidden Valley Club Ski Racing Groups.

Coach Mike, Nancy, Jack, John & the "Speedy Snowflakes"

Buffy and "Buffy's Blazing Barracuda" ski team.

* Our home at Hidden Valley got over a foot of snow from February 9th to the 10th.  this provided for some great skiing.

Buffy & John with buddy Ed at the bottom of the slope in front to the HVC Lodge

Buffy with friends on the HVC Staff on the top of Highland Swing.

* One of our Hidden Valley ski racing kids has qualified for the 2010 Winter Olympics.  Nolan Kasper learned to ski at HV at age 3.  His dad Joe is a friend and a fellow race coach in the Hidden Valley Program.  Learn more by clicking HERE.

Nolan Kasper at 8 years old with his father, Joe and US Women's Pro Ski Champion Camilla Lundback at Hidden Valley - 1998

* Buffy & John hosted a hot chocolate party for their young ski racers on Sunday, January 31st.

* Some of the family visited Buffy & John at their home at the Hidden Valley Club over the Martin Luther King weekend to enjoy some skiing.

L to R - John, Erin, Ayden in front, Buffy, Markei, Caitlyn, Meredith & Cristina 

* Skiing is what we do in the winter.  We have lots of fun with our special ski buddies young and old.  We are blessed to live on the slopes at the Hidden Valley Club and be able to ski out of out back door.  Come visit and have fun with us on the slopes.

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Buffy skiing out of our back door at the Hidden Valley Club

* John & Buffy celebrated the Holiday Season at the Hidden Valley Club by providing HVC Office Staff, lift attendants and members of the Mountain Staff with homemade cookies to show appreciation for their hard work and the fun enjoyed skiing at the HVC.

Buffy delivers her homemade cookies to HVC Office Staff friends on Christmas...

and to the Maintenance Mountain Men who do such a great job!

...and to our friend at the top of Chicken...

...and at the bottom of the Chicken Lift....

...and we can't forget our buddy on the top of the triple chair...

A Happy Holiday from two of Santa's reindeer elves.

* John & Buffy kicked off the ski season at the Hidden Valley Club.  Photos below were day #1 on Chicken with the "Regulars."
Hidden Valley is now open top to bottom. See you on the slopes!

Irv, Buffy, Brian, Tommy & Chris take a break for a photo on Chicken

John, snowboarder, Buffy & Al at desk with Greg, Sue and HV Staffer

Background photo "Buffy ready to take a run on Chicken Delight at the Hidden Valley Club" taken by Dr. John T. Whiting


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