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Web Site Development Costs

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Type of Site Components Basic Cost* Additional Page Fee Monthly Service Charge*
Starter Web Site 2 Pages, Background, 10 photos, E-mail, Visitor Counter, Photos  $100.00 $25/page $15.00/month
Expanded Web Site 3 Pages, Domain Name, E-mail, 15 photos, Visitor Counter, Links $250.00 $25/page $15/00/month
Basic Business Web Site 5 Pages, Domain Name, E-mail, Location Photos, Services, Product Photos, Mission Statement, About Page, Map,  Directions, Visitor Counter, Visitor Information Form, up to 5 links $350.00 $25/page $15.00/month
E-Commerce Web Site Up to 15 pages, Domain Name, e-mail, Location Photos, Product Photos, Catalog, Map, Power Point Presentation, Feedback From, up to 10 links, Search Engine Registration, Shopping Cart, Order Form, Data Base Integration, Credit Card Processing, Product Shipping. Prices Start At:


As per contract.* $40.00/month*
  * These prices are examples.  All prices subject to change without notice, negotiable and finalized by executed contract.  Monthly service rates limited to maintenance of site as is online.  Upgrades and modifications billed on a project by project basis at a negotiated price. 

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