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Holiday 2001 

Friends & Family Party

John, Rick & Richie enjoy an adult beverage and the party 


John gets some expert advice from Diana as Rudolf the Chef looks on


Diana and John provide the instrumentals for Christmas Carols 

Nancy listens as Diana takes a photo of Christina

Meredith and Dad (Patrick) enjoy the party as Peg looks on

Meredith give Dad a hug!

Sisters, Arlene and Buffy

Denise and Lillianna pose for the photographer

Meredith is getting tired

Denise smiles as Lillianna sings Carols with John

Diana and Christina enjoy a break in the action

Allison feeds Lillianna as Denise looks on

Party photographs taken by Anne Mortensen

Background photo: "The Double Lift in the Blizzard"  taken by John T. Whiting

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