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Welcome to the World

Patrick Reilly Jones

Born: April 17, 2003

Weight: 7 lbs 13 oz * Height: 20.5 inches


The little guy checks out the new world...

...unsure whether he made the right turn....

Buffy takes her turn spoiling Reilly.

...and then its DadPa's turn.

Alright, time for a break.


Does she look like she just had a baby?

Mom!!!   Pay attention to me!

Denise knows how to make Reilly happy.

Reilly say, "I guess I have to put up with this from Mom.

Then it's Uncle Brads turn.  He has had lots of practice.

One of the first diaper changes.   There will be many more to come. 

Reilly has the Jones' red hair.

Back to my nap.  This world ain't so bad.


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