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Buffy & John's Family Photos


    Buffy & John Family Photographs

    John's Family at the 2009 Family Christmas Dinner

    Buffy's Family at Sister Irene's 2009 Thanksgiving Dinner

    A few Parsons' friends and family for the traditional Labor Day 1992 softball game.

    A picture of a few of Buffy's family and friends - Memorial Day May, 2002.

    A picture of a few of Buffy's family and friends - Labor Day Weekend - September 2005.


    Aunt Helen's Birthday

    A few of the family & friends celebrated Aunt Helen's Birthday. To view more photos of this fun day click HERE.

    A 2001 Christmas Photo of the Jones Family


    Another Jones family photo, December, 2001

    Buffy & John visited the Jones' for 2001 Halloween.  More photos can be seen by clicking HERE.

    Meredith, Lillianna and Denise October, 2001

    The Jones Family:  Denise, Patrick and Meredith 2000

    Brad, Sue & Stevo's in Dunellen. To visit The Brad & Sue Web Site click HERE.

    Stevo deciding how old he is

    How many years old is Stephen Whiting?


    Stevo & Mom Honor their Dad, Brad, in National Guard Costumes.

    The Jones' girls.  Aren't they cute? 

    Congratulations to Granddaughter Lillianna on her Baptism and Granddaughter Meredith on her Birthday, February 16, 2000.



    Christmas at the Parsons'

    Annual 1999 Christmas Photo at the Parson's

    Congratulations Arlene on Your College Degree

    Buffy's sister Arlene (right) is pursuing a Masters Degree at the College of Staten Island while working as a programmer

    The Parsons Family in Kelly & Lou's Kitchen

    Recognize any of these family members?

    Parsons Meet Parsons

    The Everett Parsons Family Meets the Louis Parsons Family and Others


    John's sister Anne

    John with sister Anne

    John's dad, Marion with cat Smokey


    John with sister Peggy



    Anne, John & Peggy

    Anne, John & Peggy

    John, Buffy, Anne & Peggy

    John's Sister Anne

    Sister Anne


    Background photo, "Sunset at Ballyowen" taken by John T. Whiting

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