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Some Memories of the 1999 Ski Season

For More Photographs of the 1999 Ski Season Click on "Lil' Bo". Our Internet puppy, L'il Bo

Some ski buddies meet on the HV slopes.

Just Some Friends Out for a Day on the Slopes

The Buffster waiting to crash some gates

The Buffster, A Volkanator Wanta Be

Our buddy, Brittany

Who's the Chick Under the Hat?

Chatal and the Vulkanator

Chantal and Her Favorite Ski Coach

Hey Girl Friends

June, Chris and Buffy Ready to Crash Some Gates

Some more friends enjoying Another Rotten Day in Heaven

Another Rotten Day In Heaven

The Buffster on course

The Buffster On Course

Friends, Patty, Jim and Super G

Pat, Jim & Gerard Apre Ski

The Hawkins Family

The Hawkins

Sharon, Jill and Andy having fun at the Balcony Bar

Sharon, Jill & Andy Join in the Fun

the King and his Court

The King & His Court

Buffy & Gail, Ski Buddies

Ski Buddies: Buffy & Gail

Super G, Buffy & the Volkanator

Buffy Finds the Cutest Guys: Super G & The Volkanator


Original photo "Hidden Valley Ski Lifts" taken by John T. Whiting

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