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The 2001 Hidden Valley Closed Invitational Golf Scramble Photographs

Patrick Jones Gerry Higgins Jack Powers Denise Jones John Vanderwall Buffy Whiting Volkmar 'The Volkanator' Bernhardt John Whiting Jim Backman Patty Backman John Paulovich Sue McDermott Matt McDermott Jimbo Paulovich Dave Turner Bud Karsten June Jalbert Patrick Jalbert Gerard 'Super G' Hawkins Nancy Howes Annie Muniz Joe Donahough Rich Howes

2001 Hidden Valley Closed Golfers

(To identify the player, place the cursor on the player's face.  E-mail them by double clicking on their face) 

The 2001 Hidden Valley Closed Champs

John Paulovich,  Sue McDermott, Matt McDermott & Jimbo Paulovich with

Flat Brook Tap House Owner Bruce and Wife Cathy


The 2001 Hidden Valley Closed Golf Classic ended with two teams having scores of five under par 65.

The winner had to be determined by a match of golf score cards.  The winner was determined by the score on the 15th hole.  

2001 Winning Score Card

The Winning 2001 Winning Paulovich/McDermott Score Card

2001 Runner-up Score Card

The Runner-up Backman, Turner and Higgins Score Card

Some Photographs of the 2001 Hidden Valley Closed Scramble

Team Backman

Team Howes/Bernhart

Team Whiting/Jones

The McCarren Team

Team Bud/Jalbert/Donahough

Team Paulovich/McDermott 2001 Champs 

Team Hawkins

Does this group look confident?

John goes for an eagle on the par 5 8th hole.

The 2001 Golfers enjoy the 19th hole.  Were is Gerard?

The "Bo" Provides some entertainment.

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