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Labor Day Upstate New York

 August 30th to September 2nd, 2002


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Family Photo #3


Brian, Ashley and their team get ready for action 

Fran on the mound at Blue Mountain Stadium

Vinnie in left field

Ashley ready to smack one

Jerry, Stevie and Vinnie

The fans watch the game to the music of Gerry's CDs. 

Mark and Robin

Skip, Bob and Blue Mt Hall of Famer, Mr. Howe 

Mary Therese and Janet relax at the game.

Brendan and Brian between innings.

Mickey on the mound ready to throw his secret slider pitch.

Mike takes a big swing...and fouls it off.

Terrence and Olga talking strategy.

Bob keeps his eye on the ball as he lets one go bye.

Bob gets a hold of one.. 

A heavy hitter.

Safe on first, of course, and....

on to second.  Terrence asks, "Can you tell me how to do that?"

Home at last, home at last!

"You want to know why I can't do that?"

This is how we solved disputes during the game... 

and this.

I guess Don lost this one.

Back to the game with Vinnie, Brian and Brandan in the field.

The John and Diane Shirley Family.  Aren't they a great family?

Rosemary in the box seats with the Martin family.

Corin and Aunt Helen watch the game.

Pat records the game on video for history.

Another big hit. 

Erin and Merideth.  


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