The Further Exploitations of the Northwest

The Further Exploitations of the Northwest

by some submoronic idiots, The Sara Monster, Justin and Liz Pee

Hello. Welcome to The Further Exploits. As I'm sure you know Seattle and it's underground scene we're of quite the interest at one time. If you don't know go rent the movie Hype. It's a documentry so you may have to do some searching.
Anyways, the three of us all started out with loving one of those five main groups. It wasn't long that realized that they were intertwined with many other bands. Being as we loved our bands we wanted to find out as much as we possibly could. That is when we discovered the real underground of Seattle and the lack of information about them
We love the music so much and want the info about them to be readily available to anyone who wants it. Most of the bands are connected in some way or another: shared memebers, shared singles, friends, roomates you name it, it probably happened somewhere with somebody.
Let it be noted that we are in no way html experts and we just do this for fun, and we are not making any money off this site (how could we really?) and we LOVE to hear your input.
Anyways, welcome to our Seattle Web

Gas Huffer 6/03/01 Mother Love Bone 6/18/00 Malfunkshun 6/18/00
Pearl Jam 5/17/01 Seaweed 5/17/01 Alice in Chains 9/12/00
Green River 3/24/01 The Melvins 8/1/01
The Fastbacks 7/31/00
The Mono Men 8/18/00 Charles Peterson 8/23/01 Hovercraft 9/11/00
Carmine 4/9/01 Supersuckers 9/17/99 Skin Yard 12/18/00
The Thrown Ups 3/3/01 Screaming Trees 11/1/00 Zipgun 3/3/01
Three Fish 7/30/99 Presidents of the USA 11/8/00 Mudhoney 8/1/01
Soundgarden 5/18/01 Wipers 8/15/00 Love Battery 9/5/01
RC5 5/8/01 Flop 7/6/00 Subset 8/28/00
Temple Of The Dog 8/9/99 U-Men 4/17/00 Truly 2/24/00
Zeke 10/30/01 Makers 11/23/00 Kings of Rock 1/20/00
Steve Turner & Mark Arm 6/4/00 Young Fresh Fellows 2/21/01 Beat Happening 6/3/01
Cat Butt 7/3/00 The Ventures 8/28/01 10 Minute Warning 3/18/00
Best Kissers in the World 10/11/00 Crackerbash 10/30/01 Candlebox1/1/00
Kinski 9/28/00 Jack Endino 8/7/00 The Sonics 2/7/01
Some Velvet Sidewalk 12/29/00

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