The Fastbacks

The Fastbacks

sorry i accidently deleted this page in a medicated haze last nite, it should be rebuilt soon. - Sara
to tide you over here are some links since i think it will be awhile before cu gets off her ass to make the page, or i take the iniative to write a new one. tata.

The Offical Fastbacks page: Discography, Pics and other info

Lance Ito's Fastbacks page: Links, Lyrics, Tabs and more.

Fastbacks Frenzy: Pictures, Links, History, and more.

Snake Cake Interview: An interview from 1997.
Phone interview w/ Kim: from 1995

Syd's Fastbacks Discography the part of the site that was saved from my medicated haze.
A live review from '96 in Philadelphia
An article from Magnet

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