Alice In Chains

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Alice in Chains is one of the four major bands to come out of Seattle. They have had many rumors of breakups since they began and now . . .who knows. I personally think they are still around and are simply waiting for the right time to make a comeback.

LAYNE STANELY vocals and guitar
Born:August 22 1967 Hometown:Kirkland Washington

JERRY CANTRELL guitar and vocals
Born:March 18 1966
Hometown:Tocoma Washington

MIKE INEZ 2nd bassist
Born: May 14 1966
Hometown: LA, CA

Born: May 27 1966
Hometown: Seattle

MIKE STARR orginal bassist
Born: April 6th
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii


Alice in Chains started in 1987. Jerry ran into Layne at a party and Jerry already knew Mike Starr(thier first bassist). He introduced them to Sean Kinney who was dating his sister at the time. Their career became big when they played with Mother Love Bone. In August of 1990 "Facelift" came out and in 1991, they performed in the movie Singles which included cameos from Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, Soundgarden and various others. Later that year the band toured with Van Halen which seems odd to me cuz Alice in Chains is a really good band and Van Halen. . .well I won't say. Next they released the SAP EP which included guest singers, Mark Arm, Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Anne Wilson of Heart. In 1992 they released "Dirt". Layne ran over his foot somehow with his car and for one of the concert shirts there was an x-ray of his broken foot, hehe. In 1993 Mike Starr left because he didn't think the band was going anywhere (strange fellow) and because he was feeling a lot of stress from touring. He was replaced by Mike Inez. Lallapalooza also took place in 1993. They did 36 shows in 50 days. "Down in a Hole" was dedicated to Mike's dog Chuck who had recently died. In 1994 Mike joined up with Slash to start up a band called Slash's Snakepit. Then in October of 1994 Layne joined with Mike Mcreedy(PearlJam), Barret Martin(Screaming Trees), and Baker Saunders to make The Gacy Bunch. Later they changed their name to Mad Season. They recorded an album called "Above" and released it in March of 1995. Their single "I stay Away" was released at the same time. Then in April of 1995 they began work on "Alice in Chains". It came out in November. In 1996 they did Mtv Unplugged. They then played 3 shows with Kiss. In 1998 Jerry Cantrell released his first solo album, "Boggy Depot" on Columbia Records. In June of '99 they released "Nothing Safe- Best of the Box" which was followed by the release of "Music Bank" and "Video Bank" in late October. Jerry Cantrell is working on his next solo release with drummer Mike Bordin and bassist Robert Trujillo. It will be a double album and is expected to be released sometime next year.

I read in the Rocket that Jerry was in the ER in LA for an infected finger. That must suck.


Full Length Releases
Jar of Flies
Alice in Chains
Nothing Safe- Best of the Box (released June 29)
Music Bank (Released Oct 26)

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