Mother Love Bone

Mother Love Bone

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MLB was formed in 1988 by Stone Gossard (guitar), Jeff Ament (bass) after Green River broke up. They joined the late great Andy Wood (vocals), and Regan Hegar (drums) who were in Malfunkshun. Orginally under the name of Lords of the Wasteland. Malfunkshun split and Bruce Fairweather (guitar) joined the group. Then Regan was replaced by Greg Gilmore (of 10 Minute Warning) and the band changed their name to Mother Love Bone.

They got into the studio as soon as possible and recorded 10 songs including, "Holly Roller", "Stargazer" and "Lady Godiva Blues". The demo was recieved by Kelly Curtis (later the manager of Pearl Jam). Kelly Curtis made it possible for the band to record another demo, this one was sent to Geffen records who paid for them to make another demo.

The band went to meet the guys at Geffen and it looked like the band was going to get a contract. But the demos made it out to a bunch of different companies so the band waited and it paid off; They got a lot of calls from labels that heard the demo and they finally decided to signed with Polygram. They returned home and signed Kelly Curtis as their manager.
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In early 1989 they started to record their debut album Shine, it was released on March 20th. The band went on tour for the album and then took a few months break, and by September were recording their next album.

By 1990 the band had played around Seattle a lot and gained a lot of respect from local bands like Soundgarden, the Melvins. They had finnished making their upcoming album Apple when Andy checked himself into a rehab program to deal with his heroin addiction.

The band was set to make their stab at the big time with 1990's Apple, when Wood died of a heroin overdose on March 16th. He was put in the hospital on life support for 3 days before his family decided it was time to let go. March 19th is usually the day observed.

Temple of the Dog was formed in Andy's memory. The band included Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, Soundgarden's Matt Cameron and Chris Cornell (Andy's Roomate), and Eddie Vedder. After Temple of the Dog Stone and Jeff got together with Eddie, Mike McCready and Dave to form Pearl Jam. Bruce Fairweather joined Love Battery and Greg played with Blind Horse, Endino's Earthworm, Doghead, Radio Chongching, Son of Man and Mommy.

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