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Kinski is:
Lucy Atkinson- bass,organ,violin
Chris Martin- guitar,vocals
David Weeks- drums,percussion
Matthew Reid Schawartz- guitar,keyboards

How it began. . .
Kinksi started in May of 1998 when Martin decided to put together a band, unlike the pop band he was already in. He had been listening to the German bands Can and Faust. He formed the group KlausKinski with friend Lucy Atkinson and David Weeks. After a year they began to play in local Seattle clubs and shortned their name to Kinksi.

Space Launch for Frenchie-1999
They will be putting out a new cd called Be Gentle with the Warm Turtle on Pacifico Records this January.

Kinski will be touring with Hovercraft this up coming tour. If you'd like tour dates go to Kinksi
Kinski played the CMJ Showcase at I-spy in Seattle w/
Hovercraft, ICQ, and Carissa's Weird. The recording for that show can be found at House of Blues

Here are some great pics of the band from Pandemonium Magazine.

If you would like to contact Kinski you can email them at:

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