The Best Kissers in the World

The Best Kissers in the World

The Best Kissers in the World were formed in 91' by Gerald Collier on vocals, Danny Bland on bass in Arizona, the moved to Seattle and added Andy Spath on drums and Sten Olsen on guitar. The band broke up and Danny was in Cat Butt. The band got together again. They first recording was a self titled EP for Sub Pop. Andy was replaced by Scott Vanderpool (of Chemistry Set) on drums. Danny then left the band to play in the Dwarves and was replaced by Dave Swafford (of Mother May I) Sometime after that Sten and Scott were replaced by, Tim Arnold on drums, and Jimmy Paulson on guitar. In 93' The Best Kissers released their major label debut on MCA titled "Puddin'". Jimmy was replaced by Jeff Stone and the band recorded their second major label album "Been There", in the end of 93'.

Dave left to play full time in Mother May I, who broke up a few months after he left. He was replaced by Paul Schurr (of Seers of Bavaria and Flop). In 95' the band finished their next album for MCA which was never released. The last song they put out was "Pick Up the Temp" for the Willy Nelson tribute album, Twisted Willy Season in 96'.

After the Kissers Jeff joined The Model Rockets and is now playing for Nerdy Girl.
Gerald is working solo he was on C/Z records but moved to Revolution.
Danny is now the manager of The Supersuckers.
Scott had a radio show on KISW but I dont think its on anymore.
Andy joined the Noble Firs with Mark of Zipgun.

Gerald Collier will be playing at The Crocodile Cafe in Seattle w/ Eleni Mendell October 26th.

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