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RC5 stands for the Robb Clark Five, they were formed by Robb of Zipgun. In 87 and 88 Robb sang for Stomach Pump a band with Leighton Beezer of The Thrown Ups. After Zipgun broke up Robb sang for Against Medical Advise (A.M.A.). Then he formed RC5 with Todd Ohashi on guitar and John Mack on drums (both of A.M.A.) in 1997. John recruted Bob Ries from Cleavland, Ohio. He had played in Idiot Humans, Basket Case and The Guns.

They played around Seattle and even recorded a few songs, but in November John left the band and was replaced by Erick Erickson (Crisis Party, Poison Bone, and Jesus Christ Superfly). Soon after he joined the band they were back playing shows and recorded all their material to date.

They got in contact with Jack Endino and recorded 14 songs. Their songs had beed floting around and soon they were contacted by Conor Ferguson of Small Town Records and they were asked to record a single for the label. They chose 4 songs for the Endino sessions. The single is titled "You're Gonna Pay."

next they were contacted by a local label (My Fat Ass Records) to do another single with them. For this single they went back in the studio with Jack and recorded four more songs. That single was titled "In the Bottle." Check out some reviews I got from a zine from Seattle.

They recently released a single on JUNK records, on blue vinyl. Its in stores now.

Since then they toured extensivly in the midwest with Zeke. Recording was stalled when Bob left the band after the tour. He was replaced by the first Zipgun bassist, Mark Wooten. RC5 released a 10" on Estate Records titled "Kicked Out".

RC5 broke up for a short period of time but are back together with a few changes in the line up, Mark Wooten has left and replaced by Jason Freeman (of Kent 3 and Hai Karate). Robb decided to just sing and so the band brought in Steve Ross (of Green Apple Quickstep) on 2nd guitar. A full length under this line up should be released TSB Records out of Scottland.

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