Past Members:
Hiro Yarmamoto- Bass
Scott Sundquist - Drums
Jason Everman - Bass

It all started in 1981 with three guys moving from Illinois to Olympia looking for school and wanting to check out the underground scene. Those three guys where Kim, Hiro and Bruce Pavitt who later came to be one of the founders of the ever-famous Sub Pop. Kim and Hiro started a band called The Shemps with Cris as the drummer and vocals. But in 1984 The Shemps ended and Soundgarden began with Scott as the drummer. In 1986 Scott left and was replaced by Skinyard's Matt Cameron. One year later, they released their first single on Sub Pop called "Hunted Down". But the singles that started them out was on "Screaming Life" and "FOPP". After that they released their first full length album, "Ultramega O.K." on SST records. "Louder Than Love" followed soon after in 1989 on their first majot label A&M. Even though they were up for a Grammy that year, Hiro left to finish school(very cool). The first replacement was former Nirvana guitarist Jason Everman, who helped them tour. But in 1990 Ben Shepard, who was a freind of the band already, took Jason's place after the tour ended. In 1991 "Badmotorfinger" came out . . .along with Nevermind. But it was still recognized. In fact Johnny Cash did a cover of Rusty Cage. . .After touring with Guns' N' Roses and Neil Young, they joined the second Lollapolooza (1992) line up. In the same year Temple of the Dog(Matt Cameron, Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament) was formed in tribute to Andy Wood who died the same year. In 1994 "Superunknown" was released selling more than 3 million copies and earning two Grammies. Two years later "Down on the Upside" came out. Some say it was a dissapointment but we know better don't we? They showed up at the next Lallapolooza and started their own tour in Febuary of '97. Sadly on April 7, 1997 they broke up. It was suposed to be a two month break, but they decided to end it.
BUT SOUNDGARDEN LIVES ON. Cris was recently interviwed saying that he would not mind getting back together and that he could see it happening!!!! It was in the USA Today so it's not just an internet rumor.

- Screaming Life EP
- Ultramega O.K.
- Louder Than Love
- Badmotorfinger
- Superunknown
- Foresshocks
- Down On The Upside
- A-sides

Friday May 18th, 2001
I'm sure you all have heard by now about Chris Cornell practicing with Rage. Well, I read in this months edition of Metal Edge that they're recording and that the stuff they're doing will be released! It's not going to be RATM, it'll be under a different name. I'm really looking forward to hearing this. If you hear anything else let us know!

Friday August 11th, 2000
Jampac Benefit and CROCPOT featuring: Krist Novoselic, Kim Thayil, Bill Rieflin, Ty of Green Apple Quickstep, Kurt B. Reighly, Richard Martin, Aaron Sprinkle, and members of Carmine, No. 13 Baby, Cookie, & The Dusty 45's plus special guests

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