Do you just love our site and want to make it as good as it can be, or do you feel bad for us and want to help us not look stupid? It doesnt matter to us and long as we hear from you.

Here is our wishlist:

  • We seem to get a lot of complaints that we use bad gramerr and spell real wrongly. Well we do. But if you want to send us any corrections that would be nice, because we dont like looking stupid when we dont have to.
  • Give us any new info or corrections for any band that is on oursite or "list".
  • You can also add a band to "the list".
  • Send us any links for sites generally related to seattle bands.
  • Mail us pictures you'd like to see on the site.
  • If you really love us and live in the Seattle area you could send us some zines so we can read about new bands and get some good articles on our page.
  • The angelfire adds are really annoying so if you want to host our site, we would love that too.
  • If you have a lot of free time on your hands Liz (and formerly syd) are too lazy to make or update pages, so I (Sara) could use a partner in crime. Mail me if your interested (subject to approval)
  • Lastly send us any sounds of bands you think we would like, and we will find a way to listen to them.

    Name: The Sara Monster
    AOL or AIM screen name: gashuffin
    Other: ICQ# 41895093

    Name: Liz Pee
    AOL or AIM screen name: PrlJamNRG

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