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Mudhoney are more involved in the Seattle scene more than any other band I know of. Mark MacLaughlin, or better known as Mark Arm seemes to have the longest history in Seattle. Mark went to Bellevue Christan High School where he started his first "band" Mr. Epp and the Calculations. I say band in quotes because they didnt write songs or play instruments (besides some nifty pot and pan work). This "band" would make poster for shows that didnt exist. The "band" consisted of, Mark, Joe Smitty, Tom Wolf and Darren Morey. They got part of their demo (it consisted of a smitty reading a short story with Tom and Joe playing guitar, mark on drums and some others in the background) titled "Pigeon on the Fountainhead" played on a local radio show. They were introduced as "Mr. Epp the Worst band in the world". They eventually played a show or two, Mr. Epp's final show was with Malfunkshun opening for Fang

Durring that time Mark was also playing with The Limp Richards. Who had a much smaller number of recordings compaired to Mr. Epp.

(entrance Steve Turner)

Steve was playing with Stone Gossard (later of Pearl Jam) in Ducky Boys. After they disbanded Steve was asked to join Spluii Numa by Alex Shumway (soon to be Vincent). Spluii Numa was sort a pop/punk sound who were trying to become popular. Which was exactly the oppisite of Mr. Epps goal. Steve quit as soon as he was invited by Mark to join Mr. Epp and Limp Richards. Both Mr. Epp and Limp Richards ended soon after Steve joined

After those bands demise Mark, Steve and Alex decided to form another band. The first step was to recrute Jeff Ament (Deranged Diction), he wasnt a big fan of Mr. Epp but he worked with Steve and over time Steve convinced him to join the new band, Green River. Mark wanted to concentrate on his vocals so he quit guitar and Stone joined to heavy out the sound. They played a handfull of shows including opening for The Dead Kennedys. Steve left the band because of differences between him and Stone and Jeff's musical ambitions. He was replaced by Bruce Fairweather (Deranged Diction).

Green River was fairly successful, they put out a few LP's and were able to tour around the states. Eventually though they disbanded mostly because part of the band wanted to sign to a major label and the rest did not.

Meanwhile Steve was involved in a band called The Thrown Ups. They were a very unusual band, they wouldnt practice songs, they would get together and discuss song titles and a gimic for the next show. Mark joined soon after Steve but their position in the band ended when they couldnt think of a gimic for the show in time.

After Green River Stone, Jeff and Bruce formed Lords of the Wasteland later named Mother Love Bone

Now for Matt Lukin. He had grown up outside of Seattle and was on the same little league baseball team as Kurt Cobain. He later joined a local band called The Melvins.

Dan was only in Bundle of Hiss and had done a little drumming for The Melvins before Mark asked him to join Mudhoney.

On New Year's Day, 1988, Dan, Mark, Matt and Steve first got together to form, Mudhoney. They got their name after a Russ Meyer film. Their first recording was with Jack Endino. Their first single was "Touch me Im Sick" on Sub-Pop records.

Their next release was "Superfuzz Bigmuff", also on Sub-Pop. The album was named after their favorite distortion pedal. They had a split single with Sonic Youth which gained them some popularity in the underworld. They went on tour with Sonic Youth, then they were back in the studio with Jack. The album was their first full lenght and self titled. Released at the same time was a 7" single from the album "This Gift" with a cover of the Mr. Epp song "Baby Help Me Forget" on the b-side.

Mudhoney played with bands like Nirvana and Tad at Sub-Pop's Ultra Lame Fest, then they went on an Australian tour.

When they returned Dan played with Nirvana for one show. Kurt and Krist wanted Dan in the band but didnt want Mudhoney to disband and eventually found Dave Grohl. Dan had also played with the Screaming Trees

Then the band got together at Egg Studios with Conrad Uno (owner of Pop-Llama records) to record their second album, "Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge".

In March of '92 The band signed to major label, Reprise. Their next album, "Piece of Cake" was released. Reviews of this album said that their rough sound was lost durring the move to Reprise.

In late summer, the movie Singles was released, the part I liked best about the movie was the soundtrack, the rest is a semi stimulating tale of lovers in Seattle. In the movie you can see part of Pearl Jam and Chris Cornell and Mark. Mudhoney's song "Overblown" was put on the soundtrack.

The soundtrack earned Mudhoney some fans so they went out on tour. Nirvana was a suprise opening act at one point. Right after the tour was finnished though the guys were back in the studio, this time with produced Kurt Bloch of the Fastbacks. The ablum was called "Five Dollar Bob's Mock Cooter Stew," it was an attempt to recapture their engergy of earlier releases.

Mudhoney went on tour with Pearl Jam durring spring of '94. Mark and Steve played a few songs with Pearl Jam and Alex even came out durring an encore, reuniting Green River. After the tour they were back in the studio to record "My Brother the Cow", with Jack Endino. It was released in '94 with a collection of their videos entitled #1 Video in America This Week. Mudhoney then went on a large tour to support the album. Playing with Pearl Jam and also on their own for Japan and North America. They appeared in the movie Black Sheep, with Chris Farley and David Spade. All these projects made it a very busy year for Mudhoney, at Steve's request the band took a break from touring only playing occasional shows around Seattle.

Steve is involved in many side projects including Monkeywrench (with Tom Price of Gas Huffer) and The Fall Outs. He also started a record label called Super Electro, where he puts out records from bands like Flop.

Dan has been involved in drumming for many bands in the Seattle area like, The Fastbacks, Mark Lanegen, Thee Headcoats, and J.D. Gilmore.

Mark played with Steve in Monkeywrench and Bloodloss without Steve.

In the later half of 1998 Mudhoney started touring and doing shows with Pearl Jam and doing press for their upcoming album "Tomorrow Hit Today". The band toured over the US multiple times and went accross seas to Japan and Australia. The album got good reviews in the US but in Europe they perfered Mudhoney when they were on Sub-Pop. After finnishing the tour Mudhoney decided to take a break.

Durring that time the band split with their label reprise and soon after, Matt decided to quit the band, and music. According to Mark, "he said that he hasn't enjoyed touring for the last few years and that his heart isn't into playing music anymore." Matt plans to move to the country and practice his hermit skills. Mudhoney was guessed to continue as a 3-piece.

In Jan of '00 "March to Fuzz" was released on Sub Pop Records. It is a 2 CD set the first cd being a Best of collection and the second is rareities and B-sides.

Next up is a Mudhoney album called "Here Comes Sickness" it is a recording of Redding in '95. The album will be released on Fuel 2000 Records. Monkeywrench "Electric Children" has been released. Monkeywrench also has 2 more 7"s from Monkeywrench are on the way. One on In the Red, with two non LP songs, and another with an exclusive B-side.

Currently Michel Azerrad (who wrote Come As You Are a very complete biography of Nirvana) is writting a book about the Evolution of the American Underground (1981-1991). The book includes a chapter on Mudhoney as well as, Black Flag, Minutemen, Mission of Burma, Minor Threat, Husker Du, Replacements, Sonic Youth, Butthole Surfers, Big Black, Dinosaur Jr, Fugazi and Beat Happening. The book should be out in Spring of 2001.

Mudhoney has reformed to record a song w/ Wayne Kramer of MC5 on bass. The song is called "Inside Job" and can be found on MusicBlitz now.

Steve, Mark, and Dan have joined with Tom Price of Gas Huffer, Scott McCaughey of The Young Fresh Fellows and Bill Henderson of Girl Trouble, together they are, The New Strychinies. The band plays lots of nifty Sonics covers. Here is a little blurb about the band. (Thanks Peter). They have an album coming out sometime, last I checked it got pushed back from October.

Mudhoney will be playing at the Empty Bottle, 8/22 and 8/23 in Chicago IL and Sat 8/25 in Dallas, TX at Trees. I am envious of the lucky people who can attend. They will also be playing 9/7 at the Graceland in Seattle.

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