Skin Yard

Skin Yard

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Photo by: Charles Peterson
Skin Yard was formed in 1985 with the orginal members:
Ben McMillan-vocals
Jack Endino-guitar
Daniel House-bass
Matt Cameron-drums

Ben and Jack started the band in January. Matt joined the band with Daniel who he had played with in Feedback. Their first show was opening for the U-Men in June of '85. Matt left in '86 and joined Soundgarden. Although some of his drumming was recorded on their first release. Skin Yard played with Steve Weid (of Tad) and Greg Gilmore (of Mother Love Bone, Doghead and Ten Minute Warning) each for a relativly short time. Then Jason Finn (of POTUSA) joined that they put out their first self titled release (the first record where Jack's productions skills were actually released). The album was put out on Cruz records. After that Jason quit and was replaced by Scott McMullem (later of Gruntruck). With him they put out "Hallowed Ground" in 1988 on Toxic Shock records. Scott left after "the tour from hell" Skin Yard went on a 14 month break untill they found Barratt Martin (of Screaming Trees, Mad Season and Tundra).

They put out "Fist Sized Chunks" in 1990 and "1000 Smiling Knuckles" in 1991 before Daniel Left to be a father. He was replaced by Pat Pederson (of Sister Psychic). After that the band started to slow down and Ben started Gruntruck with old drummer Scott and Tommy (of the Accüsed) on guitar. Pat and Barret jammed with Jack in Endino's Earthworms. In 92' when Skin Yard finnished recording "Inside the Eye" they decided to break up.

After Skin Yard broke up Jack realized how many good songs they never released so he started gathering and remastering all the songs, he finnished and sent it onto Cruz records who never got around to releasing it. Daniel is planning on relaseing it on C/Z records sometime within the next year.

What are they up to now?
Daniel is running C/Z records. This is Daniels personal site. Jack is still producing and writing. Check out his website at: Ben and Scott have a band called Mona Diesl. Barrett continues drumming for the Screaming Trees.


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