Thrown Ups

Thrown Ups

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The Thrown Ups were formed in 1984 by Leighton. He had an idea for a band that never practicesd but it took him awhile to find people who were willing to go for it. First there was Scott Schieler (drums), Mike Fallhauber(guitar) and Steve Mack (vocals), but in 1985 Steve (guitar) joined that band and was soon followed by, Mark (drums) and Ed Fotheringham (vocals) when Mike, Steve and Scott left the band.
Steve joined Anodyne and Scott went on to be in Swallow and Bell and I'm not sure what Mike did after the thrown ups, (mail me if you know.)

So all the recording line ups was to be:
Ed Fotheringham singer
Mark Arm drummer
Steve Turner guitar
Leighton Beezer bass

Listen as Leighton tells of one of the bands famous gimicks:
At one christmas show, Ed wanted to dress up like the baby jesus and the rest of the band was supposed to be the three wise men (irony, eh?). But Ed procrastinated and drank too much, so all the costumes and props were really lame. We wore sheets with stupid paper hats and everyone thought we were KKK members (oops...). Ed only managed to glue some cotton balls on a sawhorse to be a sheep. And since he couldn't stand up, he hung all over the fake sheep and everybody thought he was humping it. We set out to create a manger scene and ended up with a Saturday night in Alabama.

It is said the band broke up when Steve and Mark didnt show up for a show because the band didnt have a gimick, so Leighton kicked them out.

Now Ed is a illistrator and pretends the thrown ups never existed. Click here for a sample of his work on a Mudhoney album. He has also done work for Love Battery, and many others. He also started a band called Eddy and the Back Nine with the guys from Flop. Mark and Steve are in Mudhoney. Leighton is a interface designer for microsoft. After the Thrown Ups he started a band called Stomach Pump with Max Godsil on guitar, Duff Drew (of My Eye) on drums, and J.C. Clayton on vocals. They wrote and recorded Zipgun's most well known song "10". Eventually everyone moved to different cities and they played fewer shows, their last show was in 2000 opening for Green Pajamas and the Bevis Frond. Now Leighton is now in El Grand Conquistador.

I made a Discography!

The Thrown Ups have put out a new CD. It includes 27 songs from their carrer. Its titled "Seven years golden" It was put out on AmRep Records in 1997, so technically its not news, but it is news to me. TRACK LIST: Your band sucks /She's fat/Eat my dump/Flubber Mate/Bucking retards/ Dude pump/Person in my bowel (is sad)/Fleshy web pit/Elephant crack/ My cock is the coin /Hairy crater man/ Sparse tits /Smiling panties/Be correct/Melanchony girlhole/ Stock boy, superhero /Felch/Lard butt/Slopp pud love/Hot lunch/ The ladies love me /Scabby like my love/My love is simple/R ladies R bitches/ Patty has a problem/ Slick lip/ Thorp, thorp.

I found a great place for thrown ups lyrics. Enjoy!

Fallout Records Gallery has a cute picture of the thrown ups in full garb

You can also get more info at this Mudhoney Page, near the bottom you will find links for bands that the members of mudhoney were in, from there it should be easy to find.

This is a review of Seven Years Golden from the Rocket.

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