Temple of the Dog

Temple of the Dog

By Liz Pee

Matt Cameron- drums, percusion
Mike Mcready- lead giutar
Stone Goassard- rhythm, slide, accustic giutars
Jeff Ament- bass
Cris Cornell- vocals, harmonica, banjo
Eddie Vedder- backing vocals

How this band came to be. . .
It all started with Mother Love Bone. To get the story on them click on the link. MLB ended with the death of Andy Wood. After od-ing on herion the 16th of March he went to the hospital for three days and was on life support. On the 19th they took him off. . .
Soon after some friends(matt, jeff[MLB], stone[MLB], mike, and cris[roommate]) decided to get a band together in memorial to him. That band was Temple of the Dog.
They put out the album in 1990. Two songs are specified as being for Andy ( "Say Hello 2 Heaven" and "Reach Down")

But I think all of this is described best by the words of Jeff:
Green River, Soundgarden. 80's seattle bands making huge sounds. Friends one and all with similar intersts and a genius respect for each other. Cris and matt did things that amzed Stone and Jeff and vice versa. Life was begining. They had many common friends, one being musician/entertainer freddie prodigy Andrew Wood who lived with Cris, worked with Jeff and played an occasional accoustic set with Stone. Green River broke up and Andrew joined Stone and Jeff. . .Mother Love Bone. Life was great. Soundgarden made records, toured, rocked hard, flourished. Mother Love Bone made resords and was on the verge of . . .and we all lost out beautiful friend, Andrew. The rest of us having told stories, helped each other. Cried. Life was confusing. Cris wrote two amazing songs about Andy ("Say Hello 2 Heaven" and "Reach Down") and asked Stone and Jeff and Matt 2 record them. yes. Life moves on. We jammed. Guitar wizard, master of animal sounds Mike came by. We did coffee ate huge carcass-less meals with cyclos and drank with 1 stepthem and other gods.. Music flowed, we got excited, played a show, wrote more songs and peeled in a(n) 10 pounder. . . . In a good way. 10 songs. Spontanous. Creation. No Analyzing. No pressure. No hype. Just music to make music, Friends and a reason. Chemistry. Beauty.
Life rules!

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