Aaron Stauffer- Vocals
Jon Atkins - Bass
Clint Werner - Guitar
Wade Neal- Guitar and Vocals
Bob Bulgrien/Alan Cage - Drums

Seaweed was formed in 1989 by Aaron Stauffer and best friend Clint Werner. They then recruited Wade Neal, Jon Atkins and Bob Bulgrien to fill out the rest of the band. Soon after forming they released a single on their own label and hit the road.
For the next 5 years Seaweed toured and recorded their music. Their first 2 releases on Sub Pop, Despised and Weak, were produced by the legendary Seattle producer Jack Endino. On their 3rd recording, Four, the band decided to do ther own editing and dial turning in Clint's basement studio.
In 1995 Seaweed spent most of the year touring for Spanaway. Which was on Hollywood Records. It was a world tour.
Seaweed then found themselves in need of a break, and so they took one. But were back in 98' with a new drummer, Alan Cage, whose also known as the skin pounder for Quicksand. They again recorded this album in Clint's basement studio, the album was entitled Actions and Indications.
In late '99 Seaweed broke up. A friend of the band said it ended well - they just had too many other things going on.

-I found a lot of these dates conflicting but to I think I'm 99% right in this history. If you see something wrong email me and let me know where you got the info from. Thanks.

Here's a Pop Culture Press review of Seaweed.

Aaron is now in a band called Gardener with Van Conner(of the Screaming Trees), Pat Conner(of Her Fault) and Adrian Makins. This came about when Seaweed and the Screaming Trees toured together in 1996. Aaron and Van decided to collaborate. Thus birthed Gardener.

"Inside" + 3 [7"] (Leopard Gecko) 1990
Seaweed [cd-ep] (Tupelo Recording Co.) 1991
Deertrap / Carousel [7"] (K) 1992
Despised [ep] (Sub Pop) 1992
Bill / Pumpkins [7"] (Sub Pop) 1992
Four [cd/lp] (Sub Pop) 1993
Weak [cd/lp] (Sub Pop) 1993
Measure / Turn Out [7"] (Sub Pop) 1993
Go Your Own Way [cd-ep] (Sub Pop) 1994
"Go Your Own Way" on Clerks soundtrack [cd] (?) 1994
Spanaway [cd] (Hollywood) 1995
Actions & Indications [cd/lp] (Merge) 1998
"Brand New Order" on Oh, Merge comp. [cd] (Merge) 1999


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