The Presidents of the United States of America

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The Presidents of the United States of America

The president crew includes Chris Ballew on vocals and 2 string basitar, Dave Dederer on vocals and guitbass and Jason Finn on drums and vocals. Chris and Dave went to junior high and highschool together. They started jammin' around 85 with a drummer named Dave Theile a childhood friend of Chris. But he droped out of the band and Jason (played in Skin Yard) saw them play in '91 and in '93 was in the band.

In their early years, they had no name and would make it up each time they played. Then they introduced themselves as "The Presidents of the United States of America" the longest name they could think of. Chris got the idea for his creative basitar from Mark Sandman, who played a two-string slide guitar. Chris removed the two high strings from his bass and tuned the remaining two to C# and G# and called it a "bassitar". Dave removed the three high strings from his guitar and tuned the remaining three to C#, G# and C# and called it a "guitbass".

Their first album was put out on Pop Llama Records in mid 95'. They had 3 singles ("Kitty", "Lump" and "Peaches") and a video on major rotation on mtv.

They went out of their way to play at strange and unusual venues on their first tour. Some of them included: Pink's Hot Dog Stand in Los Angeles, Washington Square Park in New York City, and a Polynesian Room in Minneapolis. They've also performed on a flatbed truck in Minneapolis, in a bowling alley in Chicago, and at Inner Harbour in Baltimore, Pacific Beach in San Diego, and Newbury Street in Boston

Their second album II was released in november of 96'. It was not as popular as their first album and was labled a "commerical failure". Singles included: "Tiki God", "Volcano" and "Mach 5". For a complete discogoraphy go here.

They broke up on December 17th. It was reported Chris left to spend more time with his family. but Chris soon announced his newest project a band called The Giraffes. Chris had already recorded their first album, entitled "13 Other Dimentions", was released March, 1998. Colombia released a final presidents album with a verision of "Video Kill the Radio Star". The album was called "Pure Frosting" and included, new songs, rareities, live hits and b-sides.

After Presidents broke up, Dave auditioned to join Weezer but was unsuccessful. Then he joined at band called The Uptights.

Jason is now the drummer of a new band called Sanford Arms, and The Nevada Bachelors, as well as The Congratulators with John Sangster of The Young Fresh Fellows. Jason also owns a restaurant in Seattle clled The Asteroid Cafe.

Chris started in The Giraffes record and then he was in The Tycoons, then a band with Tad Hutchison [of the Young Fresh Fellows] called the Chris and Tad Show as well as producing for Bicycle and many other bands.

Sony has released a best of type cd titled "Lump".

The Presidents got back together and are currently in the studio with Sir Mix A Lot. Together they are called Subset. Here is an interview with the group from The Rocket's Pain in the Grass section. The Presidents also got together for one more song "Jupiter" under the name of The Quitters, you can hear the song at Music Blitz

The Giraffes, released an album Feb. 18th. It was released on Orange Recordings and is titled "The Days are Filled with Years". There is also news of a new Giraffes album in the works. It will probably be out on Orange Records but I haven't heard anything for sure. Later this week MTV is coming to talk to Chris and The Giraffes for a new special called MIA it will be on in September so keep your eyes pealed for that in the future.

In Presidents news, You wont be able to get the fan edition anymore but you can still prepurchase the President's new album Freaked Out and Small at MusicBlitz. The Presidents of the United States of America were going to have to change their name to the Presidents, but that has turned around and they will keep 'The Presidents of the United States of America' Presidents. Here is a track list: tiny explosions, death star, I'm mad (with Duff McKagen of Ten Minute Warning on bass), blank baby, meanwhile back in the city, tiger bomb, jupiter, jazz guy, superstar, headin' out, last girl on earth, nuthin but luv and one other. "Tiny Explosions" has been picked as the albums first single and is going to get a lot of radio airplay when the album comes to record stores according to MusicBlitz. Radio sataions should have recieved their copies of the new album by now so start calling in your requests. Check out the recent Press Release about the for Episodic Series. Here's a review of the new album from . Here's a list of upcoming media covering the new album.

Also on Orange Records will be a full length from The Uptights featuring Dave Dederer it should be released in August. Also out in August is a Chris and Tad Show full length. Go to the Orange Records site for more details.

There will be a CD release party at midnight 9/11 at the Tower Records at 500 Mercer st. Seattle. There will be special posters, pizza and tons of other goodies I'm sure.

This Thursday, Sept. 14th watch the Late Late show with Craig Kilborn for PUSA performing live with Duff McKagen on bass. On September 19th (Changed from the 20th) at 7pm (pacific standard) there will be an online chat with Chris at from there it will be in channel #ORANGE . There will also be a chat at Yahoo with the whole band go here for the details.

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Here is my PICTURE collection, with over 70 photos, its possibly the biggest on the web.

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