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Hiro Yamaoto left Soundgarden in 1989. He finnished school then decided to get back into music with a new band....
Truly was formed in 1990 and includes members, Hiro Yamamoto, on bass, Mark Pickerell of Screaming Trees, on drums, Chris Quinn on guitar and Vocals and Robert Roth of Storybook Krooks on vocals. Their fist show was in October of 1990 opening for Jesus Lizzard. Then they released their first EP "Heart and Lungs". Chris left after this album, but is continueing to play music. They released their next single in 1991 titled "Married in the Playground", on Sub Pop records. Soon after they recorded their self-titled EP also on Sub Pop records. In 1995 they released their debut full length album on Capitol records titled "Fast Stroies from Kid Coma". They also released a rare 10" titled "Blue Flame Ford". Later in 1995 they released "Feeling You Up" on Capitol Records. It sold 25,000 copies, then the band started recording demos for their next album to be released in 1996. I believe this is when Hiro left the band. The band is now on extended hiatus. Rob is thinking of putting out another record. Possibly under the name Truly or maybe something else.
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Robert Roth and Mark Pickerel recently recorded a single supporting Jim Carroll. It will be released on the Kill Rock Stars label.

Truly Alive in the Superunknown: An article from the Rocket about Truly's history and record label problems.

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