Love Battery

Love Battery

Love Battery was formed in '89 w/ Ron Nine (of Room Nine) on guitar and vocals, Dan Peters (of Mudhoney on drums, Bruce Fairweather (of Green River and Mother Love Bone) on bass and Kevin Witworth (also of Crisis Party) on guitar. The band got their name from a Buzzcocks song. Before their first release Dan was replaced by Jason Finn (also of The Presidents). At some point Jim Tullman (of The U-Men) and Tommy Simpson (of Crisis Party) also played in the band, but I'm not quite sure of when.

Their first full length release was titled "Between the Eyes" and was put out on Sub Pop records in '92. It was produced by Jack Endino and photography was done by Charles Peterson making it a classic Sub Pop album. It was released around the same time as Dayglo a German import.

Then in '93 they released "Far Gone" also on Sub Pop. To support the album the band toured Europe, along w/ a tour of the states. After that album Jason left to spend more time w/ The Presidents and was temporarly replaced by Dan Peters, who played on one 7" then to be replaced by Mike Musburger (of The Posies, The Squirrels, Flop and The Fastbacks). Their next album was released in '95 and is titled "Straight Freak Ticket", this time on Atlas Records. As you will find on the Offical site, Love Battery has a combined total of over 40 guitars and they borrowed more from their friends to record "Straight Freak Ticket". "Confusion Au Go Go", the bands latest release was out in '99 on Daniel House's C/Z Records. Jason recently rejoined the band and played some shows with them in Seattle.

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