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Current line up:
Blind Marky Felchtone - Guit/Vox
Donny Paycheck - Drums
Abe Zanuel "Sonny" Riggs III - Guitar
Jeff "the kid" Matz- Bass

Zeke was formed in 1993. The orginal line up was Blind Marky Felchtone, Donny Paycheck, Mark Pierce, and Dizzy Lee Roth. Their first release was the "Seattle Acid Party" single on Wrecking Ball Records in '93. Their next single was “Holley 750” on IFA Records. In late '93 Mark P. left the band and toured Europe w/ a rockabilly band. He was replaced by Kurt. In late '94 though Mark rejoined the band. Later they recorded another full length album for Wrecking Ball Records (thier email is: wreckingballrecords@hotmail.com). It was titled "The Dutchman's Coffin" just recently the CD is available, mail to the address above for info. The songs are way slower than typcial Zeke, but they still crammed 11 songs in 16 mins. 9 seconds.

Their self titled single was released on SnoochPooch Records. Then Dizzy was kicked out and replaced by Sonny. In 1995 they released their frist full length album titled, "Super Sound Racing" on Scooch Pooch Records. They released their next full length, "Flat Tracker" a year later also on Scooch Pooch Records. Then Kurt left and Mark Pierce joined. In 1997 Man's Ruin Records put out a live album of the band titled "PIG". Then they signed to Epitaph and in 1998 released thier most recent album, "Kicked In The Teeth". Which was mixed and enginered by Jack Endino. They have another album titled "Love Gun" on Pop Llama Records, it was produced by Decendents/All guitarist Stephen Egerton.

Zeke has been touring a bunch, they finnished a mid west tour with RC5. They've also released their next album "Dirty Sanchez". It was recorded with Kurt Bloch of The Fastbacks. Mark Pierce left the band, apparently because he thought he was too old to be playing punk, and is now playing in a bluegrass band. The new bass player is Jeff "the kid" Matz. Dubed the kid because he is 24 years old, the youngest of the group. He used to be in Wrench Like Me, a band from Fort Collins, Colorado.

Zeke has a new record out titled "True Crime" out on Dropkick Records. It is a collection of some early singles and some live tracks. Out now is a new single out on Hard-on Records with two new tracks, "Evil Woman" b/w "Shock Waves" recorded in August of 2000. The single is 6 bucks.

The newest album is out, titled Death Alley. It was released on Epitaph in late October. The band finished up a tour of the states, but cancled their european tour. See their official site for details.

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