Carmine was formed around '93 in Atlanta Georgia. The orginal line up was Jeff Barnes(or Rhodes, I've heard both) on guitar and vocals, Darren R. Bain on bass and Tim Campion on drums. Jeff's claim to fame is being that Dick guy in the Miller Light adds. In 94' they released a full length album on the now defunct Velvet Dwarf Records. It was titled Carpe Patio Flounder. They moved to Seattle around '96 I think. At some point after moving to Seattle they released a single on Collective Fruit Inc. titled Conversation Overdue. Their follow up album was recorded in Seattle and is titled "El Ferocia". In '98 I had the pleasure to see Carmine at the Pain in the Grass concert and they put on a very good show.

Jeff is in a band called #13 Baby, they are a Pixies cover band. Other member include Mike Musburger of The Fastbacks and The Posies, Craig Montgomery of Pure Joy, Jen Hublin a lawyer for Sub Pop. Read about what the folks at The Stranger think of No. 13 Baby, Live. You can see them live on April 21st at The Crocidle Cafe in Seattle.

There is a band from France who is also called carmine, and I being the silly person I am ended up w/ and EP of theirs called Magic, and it sucks. I would not recommend it, when looking for Carmine CD be very weary and make sure it's the right Carmine.

I know this page is small but I still don't have much info on the band so if you know anything more pretty please will you mail me?

I dug up some articles on Carmine from the Rocket: Carmine: This one is a short blurb about the bands basic history.
Short Feature: Carmine: This one is more interview style like and has some funny stories.
A Carmine Live review: pretty short, but good enough for me.

You can hear carmine here at the OK Hotel's site.

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