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The idea for Subset started about 1997 when friends of Sir Mix-A-Lot and The Presidents of the United States of America suggested they play together, then more recently someone suggested they do a Hendrix tune together, but they decided to write thier own songs to perform. The first songs they recorded were "Addicted to the Fame" and "Beach Rats." Their first performance was at a Sir Mix-A-Lot gig at the Showbox. The band was well recieved so they decided to keep writing songs together. As of now they have recorded "Addicted to the Fame," "Something Wicked," "Beach Rats," "What the Hell," "Skinning and Grinning" and "What she Gave." Their upcoming EP should be released sometime in 2000. Subset's song "Addicted to Fame" may or maynot be used on ESPN's X games this summer airing about ten times from August 10th to December 31st.

Here a place where you can download a complete Subset track for free from MusicBlitz

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