After the demise of Pure Joy in 1989 Rusty Willoughby (guitar) and Nate Johnson (drums) created Flop with Bill Campbell (guitar) from Chemistry Set and Paul Schurr (bass) from the Seers of Bavaria. They released their first full length album titled "Flop and Fall of the Mopsqueezer" on Frontier records in 1992. The album was produced by Kurt Bloch of The Fastbacks and the artwork was done by Ed Fotheringham of The Thrown Ups. The band was signed to Epic Records and released their second album in 1993, "Whenever Your Ready" after their tour to support the album Flop was dropped from the label. Paul Sheer left the band and was replaced by Dave Fox who Rusty had know from The Posies. Then the band then moved back to Frontier records to record "World of Today" in 1995. It was produced by Kurt Bloch of The Fastbacks. At one point Nate left the band and was replaced by Mike Musenburg, (Love Battery, Posies, and The Fastbacks) he never recorded with the band. *Thanks John for the corrections*

Rusty has been in many other bands thru the years. First Pure Joy. Not too much later he played drums for The Fastbacks. He has also done artwork for The Posies and The Fastbacks albums. He has also recently released a solo album w/ guests like Kurt Bloch of The Fastbacks, Scott McCaughey and Tad Hutchison Young Fresh Fellows, and Chris Ballew of The Presidents. (look at links below for more info)

Dave has also been on a few albums also since Flop. First with The Posies and was included on the Germs tribute album. He also played on "Tales from the Birdbath" released on Empty Records.

Nate playes drums for the Fastbacks and the Squirrels.

I havent heard anything about Bill since Flop, if you know anything mail me and ill add it.

While Paul's stuck mostly with Flop but did spend his time playing with The Best Kissers in the World with Mark Wooten from Zipgun

Hothouse Management's page about Rusty's solo album

Mail me with any info you think I should add.

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