Crackerbash was formed in 89' by Sean Croghan (of Hellcows) on guitar and vocals, Scott Fox on bass and Doug Nash on drums. Under that line up they released one single, "Bike", and were on "The I-5 Comp." Doug was kicked out of the band and replaced by Teddy Miller (of The Red Vines). They band had a reputation for having a great live show and they gained a lot of attention. The band got deals to do singles for Sub Pop, C/Z and Empty. Their first full length album was released on Empty in 92', it is self titled. Later that year they released the "Jasper" single also on Empty. In 93' they released a 10" titled Tin Toy. It was produced by Kurt Bloch of The Fastbacks.

The band broke up in 93 or 94. After Crackerbash Sean did some solo stuff and played in Moustache and is now in Junior High. Scott was in Star Power and also in Satan's Pilgrims with Teddy.

Sean has now released his first solo album titled: From Burnt Orange To Midnight Blue, you can buy it here or listen.

Crackerbash: with sounds, lyrics, pictures, discography and more

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Here is a Kill Rock Stars page for the band. Isn't much there but oh well.

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