Green River

Green River

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Green River was formed in 84' when Mark Arm met Steve Turner through Alex. Steve, Alex and Stone Gossard, had all gone to high school together. Steve and Mark had been in Mr. Epp and The Limp Richards together for a short while. After both bands split Steve and Mark decided to form Green River. They next got Jeff Ament (Derranged Diction) on bass who Steve worked with and everyone knew from Derranged Diction who would often play shows with Mr. Epp and Spluii Numa. Jeff didnt had an unfavorable impression of Marks music from Mr. Epp who was honorably titled "the worst band in the world" but still wanted to play with Mark. Next to join was Alex Vincent of Spluii Numa on drums.

Later that year Stone Gossard who was in Ducky Boys with Steve, Stone added the second guitar sound Jeff and Mark were looking for. Their first recording was an 8-track made by the same guy who did the Deep Six compilation. They then were ready to record their debut album "Come On Down" on Homestead Records. They got ready to tour and Steve quit and next joined The Thrown Ups which Mark later joined. Steve was replaced by Bruce Fairweather(of Deranged Diction). Then the band went on tour. As they were coming back their record was finally released (about 5 months late).

And then the band then recorded their next release, two songs on the great "Deep 6 Compilation" on C/Z records with bands like, The Melvins, Skin Yard, The U-Men, Soundgarden and Malfunkshun. The next recording was a single Together We'll Never / Ain't Nothin' To Do. In the middle of 86' they recorded their next EP "Dry as a Bone". It was recorded by Jack Endino and released on the then young label Sub Pop in 87'. After that the band started working on their next album "Rehab Doll". They started recording with Jack again but the album was to be made with with Bruce Calder. Before the album was released in 88' the band spit up.

I hear the reason for the split is that Stone and Jeff wanted to get to the majors and Mark and Alex wanted to stay indie. The conflict rose at an LA gig when Jeff gave out all the bands free tickets to A+R men who didnt show leaving no tickets for the bands friends.

After Green River, Steve and Mark joined Matt Lukin from Melvins and Dan Peters from Bundle of Hiss and they started Mudhoney. Stone, Jeff and Bruce joined Andy Wood to form Mother Love Bone. When Andy Wood died Stone and Jeff joined Pearl Jam. Alex moved to Japan. Then moved back to America to work for the State Legislature and later to study law.

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