Jack Endino

Jack Endino

Jack Endino is best known for his work recording Seattle's early Sub Pop bands, but before that he played drums for Crypt Kicker 5, then bass in The Ones, Skin Yard, Endio's Earthworms, Crack Jockey, Doghead and most recently Suitcase Nukes. He has done a ton of recording and producing for bands in the Seattle area and the world so I will try to highlight the most significant bands recorded.

Jack started playing drums half way thru college. Although Jack played bass in The Ones who were formed about a year before Skin Yard. In '85 when they broke up Jack and Daniel House formed Skin Yard, Jack played guitar. This is where Jack's production skills were first released on the band's self titled album put out in 86'.

In '86 Jack joined the Crypt Kicker 5 who released one single and had songs on two compilation albums. They broke up in 1990.

After Skin Yard's album was released Jack started recording a lot of bands for Sub Pop among them was Soundgarden's Screaming Life EP, Green Rivers' Dry as a Bone EP, and Mudhoney's legendary, "Superfuzz Big Muff". These were all recorded during 1987 and '88.

In '89 Jack recorded an album for a new and unknown band called Nirvana. The band blew him away and he sent the tape to Jonathan Poeman on of the owners of Sub Pop which eventually got the band signed.

In '90 he recorded 26 full lengths (and EPs) of other great bands for various labels. Among those recorded were Skin Yard's own "Fist Sized Chunks", Mark Langen's first solo album entitled "The Winding Street", an EP and a full length for The Accused, and Love Battery's "Between The Eyes".

Skin Yard's third album "1000 Smileing Nuckles" was released the next year along with Gas Huffer's "Janitors of Tommorow" and Seaweed's "Despised" EP all recorded-and-all-that-jazz by Jack.

In '92 Jack recorded the second wave of popular bands in the 'Seattle sound' including Seaweed's "Weak", Zipgun's "Eight-Track Player" and full more lengths for Gas Huffer, Coffin Break, The Supersuckers and The Fire Ants. That year Skin Yard temporaraily fell apart and Jack got together with, Barrett Martin, Greg Gilmore, Daniel House and Rob Skinner (Coffin Break) to be Endino's Earthworms.

In '93 Jack and Skin Yard released their next album "Inside the Eye". Other albums he produced were the Brazilian Tităs album "Titanomaquia", The Fallouts "Here I come and Other Hits" and Babes in Toyland's "Painkiller" EP.

'94 led to production for Mark Langen's album Whisky for the Holy Ghost and Seven Year Bitch's tribute to Mia Zapata (of The Gits), "Viva Zapata". In April of '94 Kurt Cobain committed suicide in his home in Seattle. In the movie Hype, which documents the Seattle scene before and after the explosion, Jack said he was very upset by the death of friend, Kurt and considered giving it all up and becoming a farmer. Luckily he didn't give up and continued to record a ton of great albums in the next few years.

'95 brought a new Mudhoney album, "My Brother the Cow", Tad's album "Infrared Riding Hood" and Malfunkshun's "Return to Olympus" (a collection of their previous works on one CD) all done by Jack. In '96 and '97 I think Jack took a well needed break. He was only involved in a handful of albums in '96 including K Records, Fitz of Depression's "Swing", Australian band Blue Bottle Kiss's "Fear of Girls" and Mexican band Guillotina's "Rock Mata Pop". Also Seattle bands like, The Thrown Ups, Shark Chum and The Mono Men.

1998 brough a ton of newer local bands, with rockin' albums all recorded by Jack. Among them Zeke, The Murder City Devils, Ten Minute Warning's return album, Hai Karate, and The Makers.

In '99 Jack recorded a ton of great bands like The Black Halos, Watts, Nebula, Zen Guerrilla, Supersuckers, Quadrajets, RC5 and Tităs.

This year has brought a new Monkeywrentch album, and currently Jack is working on a project w/ Tităs' bassist Nando Reis, and Barret Martain. Coming up in the studio is Tad's new band Hog Molly. Jack has been working on collecting and mixing old Bundle of Hiss material which will be released on Loveless Records. Also being mixed is a the complete set by The Gits from the movie Hype, so keep and eye open for that.

Jack is now the bass player for Wellwater Conspiracy including, Matt Cameron (of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam), Ben Sheppard (of Soundgarden) and others I'm not sure of. They will be opening for Pearl Jam and the Red Hot Chille Peppers on November 6th. Jack Endino is also playing with Brotherhood of Electric, including , John McBain (of Hater and Monster Magnet) Dan Peters ( of Mudhoney) and Ben Sheppard. The second Endino's Earthworms album has been mixed and the next step is finding an album for it to be put out on. Then it will be on its way.

There isnt much on this page besides discography type stuff so if you have a story or anything else you think i should add please mail me at Gas_Huffer_grrl@yahoo.com.

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