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All I know so far is that Pearl Jam was touring with Tribe After Tribe and met Robbi Robb. They became friends and formed Three Fish. So that's how it started.

- Three Fish
"fresh from excursions to the tombs of Rumi and his beloved, the mosques of Constantinople, the Giza desert, and the bowels of old Cairo, we returned home, filled, inspired with a new way of listening to each other-a new music, swirling in our heads. (and stocked up with turkish and egyptian instruments and drums.) "a year after these travels and touring the u.s., we returned to horseback court in the northern rockies and created the foundation for "myth," "resonate," and "tremor void." (and a slew of ambient jams.) experimenting with the oud, saz, paint brushes, old keyboards, big drums, and most anything we could find. "happy with our first week-long session, we returned three more times with Brett Eliason, who set up the studio and mixed it in December. we chose 12 songs from the original 21 we mixed and you have 'the quiet table.' currently, we're setting up a small tour of the states and possibly a few dates down the road overseas. "see you in June." -jeff, robbi, & richard
- The Quiet Table

I went to Seatle last weekend (!) and picked up a magazine called the Rocket. There's a cool little article about Three Fish in it.

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