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Mono Men

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The Mono Men are a later incarnation of The Roofdogs, which included Dave Crider on guitar, Patty one keyboards, many drummers, and two guys named Aaron(on drums) and Marx Wright(on guitar). And in around '87 they broke up, and Patty left the band. 2 weeks later they decided they still wanted to play so they formed The Mono Men. Their lineup before they broke up was, Dave Crider(guitar and vocals), Aaron Roeder(drums), Ledge Morrisette(bass) and Marx(guitar). Marx was replaced by John Mortensen of Game of Vultures in late 1990. Dave, owns and manages Estrus Records. In 98' I read in AP that they broke up and i belive Dave and Arron are now in a band called Watts, You can get a review of Watts' self titled album on my reviews page.
*semi-interesting connection: The band went to the same high school as The Fastbacks.

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This is an interview with Dave.
A short article mostly about Dave

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