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Zipgun's orginal members were:
Neil Rogers - Guitar
Mark Wooten - Bass
Robb Clarke - Voice
Dan Cunneen - Drum

Zipgun orginated from The Derelicts in 1991. Robb and Neil had been jamming and Robb had also been playing with Dan (of The Obituaries and Final Warning). Mark (of The Zanny Guys and many others) was also invited in. They put out many 7"s and toured because of Neils connections made from being in The Derelicts. They put out their first LP titled "8 Track Player." It was recorded by Jack Endino and released on Empty Records. Then went on tour to suport the album, playing at venues like CBGB's. But in Baltimore their van got stolen leaving them with nothing, not able to finnish the rest of the tour. Although they did get the title for the title of their next album, Baltimore.

Back home some local artists had a benifit for the band but in Mark became a father and left the band. He was replaced by Andy Spleen. Ian from The Derelicts joined for awhile, but the band failed to record anything after Mark left. Zipgun broke up in 1994.

After Zipgun Neil and Ian formed Glazed and released one single before they disbanded. Now Neil does guest apperances around town.

Robb sang for Against Medical Advise and then formed RC5.

Dan formed The Nightcaps who have toured extensivly, put out many 7" and have out one LP.

After Mark left Zipgun he formed a band called The Nobel Firs including Andy Spath (Best Kissers In The World) on drums. They played around Seattle but broke up. Mark had stoped playing but after a Zipgun reunion he has formed The Outskirts and recently he has joined RC5.

Ian was in Meathead who have since called it quits.

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