The U-Men

The U-Men

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The U-Men were formed in 1981 by Tom Price (guitar) and Charlie "Chaz" Ryan (drums). They then invited Robin Buchan (bass) and John Biggly (vocals). Robin was first to leave the band after only a year saying she didnt want to be a starving musician all her life. She was replaced by Jim Tillman. With this line up they recorded their first self titled EP on Bombshelter Records in 1984. Their next EP was on Homestead records titled "Stop Spinning", it was released in 1985. In 1986 they joined Malfunkshun, Soundgarden, Skin Yard, Green River and The Melvins on the acclaimed "Deep Six" LP on C/Z records.

By now the band had grown a tough following, which led to 13 shows in a row getting cancled because of fears of a distructive audience. In 1987 they released their popular single "Solid Action," on Black Label Records. It was then that Jim left the band because the band wasnt getting enough money. He was replaced by Tom Hazelmeyer for The U-Men's first full length album, "Step on a Bug" was released in 1988 on AmRep Records. They also released the single "Freezebomb" that same year on AmRep. Before the band disbanded they had one other bassist only credited as Tone Deaf. His real name is Tony Ransom and is now living in Anchorage, Alaska.

The band disbanded in late 1988. The band was not only one of the first to tour outside of Seattle but also one of the first real hard rock bands.

There is a new U-Men's CD out titled "Solid Action" on Chuckie-Boy Records, which is a label run by Mike Stein of Accident. (Thanks Eric).

Tom Price went on to be in Cat Butt and later form The Kings of Rock for a short time until he started Gas Huffer.

Chaz played with The Crows and Bottle of Smoke.

John also played with the Crows. Now he co-owns the popular seattle resturant/lodge The Capitol Club

Jim played with Icky Joey, The Horrible Truth, Kristen Barry, and Love Battery. He also auditioned for Soundgarden.

Tom Hazelmeyer played in Halo of Flies and helped found AmRep Records.

Where Are They Now?: A U-Men article from The Rocket.

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