Hovercraft is:
Sadie 7~bass
Cambell 2000~guitar
Dash 11~drums

Hovercraft was formed in 1993 by Sadie 7 and Cambell 2000. Previously they had played together in Space Helmet which was formed when Sadie first moved to Seattle. Also in Space Helmet was Cambell's brother and other members of the band Magnog. After Space Helmet broke up, Cambell moved to New York only to move back to Seattle. Hovercraft released one single, "0,0,0,1" with their first drummer Jerome230 aka Eddie Vedder (of Pearl Jam and Sadie's husband). After he left the band, they took a year and a half break before they found a new drummer named Carl. With Carl they recorded "Stereo Specific Polymerization" were on Repellint Records. But in 1997 they went to Mute America Records with "Akathisia". Later dash 11 replaced Carl completing the band. Their latest album "Experiment Below" came out after 5 years of work and thought. Durring one tour Sadie's husband Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam sat in on drums. He also has an alias for the band, but I'm not sure what it is at the moment.

Zero Zero Zero One, 7" on Repellant Records, 1995.
Hovercraft, 10" on Repellant Records, 1996.
Akathisia, CD/LP on Mute Records, 1997
Hovercraft/Scanner Remixes, CD LP on Mute Records, 1997.
Experiment Below, CD LP on Mute Records, 1998.

Articles An interview with Cambell 2000
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Good Link: The Official Hovercraft Page

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