The Sonics

The Sonics

The Sonics were an instrumental band formed in Tacoma WA 1960 w/ orginal members Larry Parypa (guitar) Stuart Turner(guitar) his borther Andy Parypa (bass), Mitch Jabber(drums) and someone whos name I don't know on sax. In 1961 their orginal sax player left and Tony Mabin took over the sax. Then Stuart who was with the military was transfered and was replaced by ex-Wailer Rich Koch. Around that time Marilyn Lodge was added on vocals. Then Mich was replaced by Bill Dean. Rich and Marilyn left in '63 so Andy played guitar by himself for awhile until they did a show with Ray Michelson (of the Falcons, the Vikings, the Roamers and the Imperials). Ray joined for awhile but was later replaced Gerry Roslie (of the Searchers). Around the same time Bill was booted out of the band and was replaced by Bob Bennett (of the Searchers). They also got Rob Lind (also from The Searchers) to play sax. That was the line up for all their albums. Orginally Gerry mostly played the organ, but in 1964 he started to singing.

Their first single, "The Witch" was a big local hit. Their next single was "Psycho" which was also popular in the Northwest. Their first full length, "Here are the Sonics" was released on Buck Ormsby of The Wailers' label Etiquette. Their second album "Sonics Boom" was also released on Etiquette, in 1966. The band then moved to Jerden Records in Hollywood who had groups like The Kingsmen. "Introducing the Sonics" released in 1966, the band didnt have as much freedom and the album was very polished and the band was pretty disappointed with it. Their last 45 was "Any Way the Wind Blows" which is a Frank Zappa tune.

The members of the band slowly departed to go to college or join other bands. The members of the band slowly departed to go to college or join other bands. Gerry was replaced Jim Brady and then later Jim was replaced by Randy Haitt. Bob was replaced by Steve Mosier. In 1968 Larry left and was replaced by Danny Hoeffer, who was later replaced by Doug Heath. And eventually Andy was replaced by Ron Foos. By this time, the band had a pretty different sound and had lost most of the following.

Rob is now involved in the film industry, Gerry is still recording and writting songs, and Andy is now teaching.

Since then there have been a number of albums collecting their songs, or digging up unused ones. I have heard of 7, but I can't get any info on them besides the year they were relased: 1974's "Explosive", 1977's "Sonics", 1983's "Fire and Ice", 1991's "Maintaining my Cool", 1996's "Sinderella" 1999's "Meeting the Sonics" and this year's "Psycho-Sonics". Etiquette has also released two best of type albums, "Full Force" released in 1984, and "Here are the Ultimate Sonics" in 1991.

The Sonics have had a dramatic influence on almost all of the bands that have come out of the Northwest since the 60's, and they continue to spread their influence to this day.

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