The Kings of Rock

The Kings of Rock

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The Kings of Rock were formed in 1988 after The U-Men broke up. The band included ex-U-Man, Tom Price (guitar and vocals), Don Blackstone (bass), Tim Hayes (guitar) and Dan "Reno" Ryan (drums). Dan is the little brother of Charlie Ryan of The U-Men.

Tom (of Cat Butt) and Tim both worked at Fall-Out Records and had similar musical intrests so they decided to start a cover band. They played songs by The Milkshakes, Nomads, Sonics and had two of their own songs, "The Theme of Kings" written by Tom and "V8" written by Don.

They put out their first single "I'd Rather Go to Jail" on '88 on Regal Select. Next they recorded "The Nearly Recordings" also on Regal. They also did a split single with Girl Troble in '89. In early 89' the band broke up but they released their next single a year later titled "Blood Sweat and Beers" on In the Red. In '97 Don had the idea to put out a split single released on Symathy for the Record Industry with the Kings of Rock and the Makers.

When they were together they played with Cat Butt, The Thrown Ups, Dead Moon and many more. After they broke up, Tom and Don went on to be in Gas Huffer. Tim played in Sugar, Sugar when they broke up in 1990 he then moved to Denver then Texas. In Texas he formed The Hormones, then joined The Crying Out Louds and a few others. He is now in charge of Fallout Records in Seattle. Dan went on to play in the Night Kings.

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