Cat Butt

Cat Butt

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Cat Butt was formed in 88' when James Burdyshaw of 64 Spiders (guitar) decided to form a band with David "Moth-Man" Emmanuel Duet, of Girl Trouble (vocals). James then added Tom Price and Charlie Ryan(both of The U-Men) and Danny Bland and on bass. Tom and Ryan left and Ryan were replaced by Erik aka Circus (drums), and Manny Eldorado (guitar). Danny Bland left to join The Best Kissers in the World and was replaced Fly-Daddy Gundo aka Dean Gunderson (bass). In late 88' the band did a short west coast tour then went in to record their first full-length album "Journey to the Center Of". It was produced by Jack Endino (of Skin Yard and producer of many great albums). To promote the album they did a large US tour.

After Cat Butt:
Tom Price continued to work w/ The U-Men when they broke up he formed The Kings of Rock and in 89' he formed Gas Huffer.
Charlie Ryan remained the the U-Men.
Danny Bland joined the Dwarves and then joined The Best Kissers in the World w/ Mark Wooten of Zipgun and was later replaced by Paul Schurr of Flop. He is now the manager for the Supersuckers.
Erik is now in a band called The Disfunctionals. **thanks robert**
I have no idea what the rest of the guys have been doing. If you know, mail me.

Partial (?) Discography:
Full Lengths
Journey to the Center of, on Sub Pop, 1989.

64 Funny Cars/Hell's Half Acre Single, Penultimate, 1988(?)

"Big Cigar" Sub Pop 200 Compilation, on Sub Pop, 1988.

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