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By some Andy Wood fans Malfunkshun is know as the band before Mother Love Bone but they were much more. Malfunkshun was formed in 1980 by Andy Wood on vocals and his brother Kevin Wood on guitar. Their first drummer was David Hunt and Dave Reese played bass. Under that line up they only played one show. When David and Reese quit Andy took over bass and they were joined by Regan Hagar on drums. Regan was a school friend of Andy's. When he joined he was also in a band called Maggot Brains, but quit to spend more time with Malfunkshun.

Durring their shows all the members had alter egos. Kevin became Kevinstein, Regan became Thundarr, and Andrew became Landrew the Love Child.

By then Andy was heavily involved with drugs. In 1985 he checked into rehab putting the band on hold. When he checked out Malfunkshun was right back to work. Their first offical recording was on the early compilation, "Deep Six", with Soundgarden, The U-Men, Skin Yard, The Melvins and Green River.

The band starting gaining popularity but rarely headlined their own shows. Malfunkshun disbanded in 1987 when Kevin left the band (or so i hear).
Andrew starting becoming friends with Stone and Jeff from Green River, they starting writing songs together with Regan under the name Lords of the Wasteland which later formed Mother Love Bone. Regan later formed Loosegroove Records with Stone Gossard from Pearl Jam. Kevin formed Fire Ants in 1992 with his brother Brian and ex-Nirvana drummer Chad Channing. In 93' Kevin and Brian formed Devilhead with Ben Shepard of Soundgarden playing guitar, in '97.

Malfunkshun were one of the early influencial bands from Seattle. They were also one of the first Seattle bands that toured.

This is a Malfunkshun Bio from my favorite Andy Wood site Welcome to Olympus. Its a great site with lots of info on Malfunkshun and Mother Love Bone, and its the best place to find info on the upcoming Andy Wood movie. Jack Endino said that he was recently interviewed and that Scott will probably start pieceing the movie together soon. You can also read a bit about the movie here, this article or this article .

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