Charles Peterson

Charles Peterson

Page by: The Sara Monster

Charles Peterson is a photographer originally from Bothell WA, but is now living in San Francisco. His specialty is bands from the Seattle area, he has been filming them since 83'. His photographs have a unique style that nearly captures the music itself. If you have seen his photographs before you have probably noticed them on other pages on this site. I've been collecting his photos, and I hope to get some more scanned from his book, Screaming Life. He also was involved in a Pearl Jam photography book with Lance Mercer. Take a look at some of his photos here. Now with 60 pictures!

Charles has also directed a few videos for bands like, Monkeywrentch, Love Battery and Mudhoney.

Charles was working on travel photography and documenting the Tibetan Buddhists in the Bay Area but is now back in Seattle.

Coming soon an offical website:

here is an update on Charles whereabouts, and what hes up to next.

If you have any corrections, new pictures or info mail me please. But just so everyone is clear i have no contact with Charles Peterson, so if you want to interview him, I cant help you.