The Melvins

The Melvins

The Melvins were formed in '85 in Aberdeen. The orginal line up was King Buzzo on guitar, Mike Dillard on drums and Matt Lukin on bass. When Mike left he was replaced by Dale Crover who remains in the band. Matt left after "Gluey Porch Treatments" to join Mudhoney. He was replaced by Lori "Lorax" Black (daughter of Shirly Temple). She played on "Ozma", "Bullhead", and "Eggnog", then left and temporarly replaced by Tom Flynn of Boner Records. He was later replaced by Joe Preston (who had previously been in Earth). He didnt work out though so they got Lori back in the band and she played on a little of "Houdini". Then the band went through a serise of fill in basists. Then they found their next bass player Mark Deutrom. He played on Prick, Stoner Witch, Stag, Honky. Then he was replaced by Kevin Rutamanis who played on the Trilogy and is the Melvins current bass player. **thanks jeremy for the corrections**

Although The Melvins left Washington long before the scene exploded they are still included into the "Seattle Sound" because of their influence on many of Seattle's most popular bands. I believe Buzz currently lives in LA and Dale lives in San Francisco and Kevin lives in NY.

Most people seem to know the Melvins from Nirvana's fame. Dale drummed for Nirvana for a while in the early years. Kurt and Krist were friends with the band and hung around at practices, sometimes Krist was a roaddie for the band. Kurt Cobain was also in charge of producing (and adding a bit of guitar and procussion to) The Melvins first major label release, "Houdini". And Dave Grohl drummer for Nirvana played bass, guitar and drums on the "King Buzzo" album. The Melvins also gained a bit of fame when the opened up for Kiss at a few shows. And most recently their stint on Ozzfest in 98' gained them some respect among the hard rock commuinty.

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Electretardo has been relased on Mans Ruin, you can order that at their website ( for 10 bucks, it was planned to be released Halloween, but it got pushed back to January 29th. Also on the way is a Mike and the Melvins album titled "3 Men and a Baby" which should be out around January of 2001. Kevin said its pretty close to done but may take awhile because Sub Pop needs 6 months after they get the tapes to package it and whatnot. Also on the way is a new studio album to be realeased on IPEAC, and possibly an odd live album on the same label later in 2001. You can see a few of the shows below here.

Sat 05/05/01 Lawrence, KS The Bottleneck
Mon 05/07/01 Boulder, CO Fox Theatre
Wed 05/09/01 Salt Lake City, UT Liquid Joe's
Thu 05/10/01 Boise, ID Big Easy
Fri 05/11/01 Portland, OR Pine Street Theatre
Sat 05/12/01
Seattle, WA Showbox
Mon 05/14/01 San Francisco, CA Slim's
Tue 05/15/01 West Hollywood, CA The Troubadour

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Check out Fruit Cocktail's site. Daniel from the band was very helpful in the articles section of this page so a big thank you goes to him.