Steve's first band was Ducky Boys. The line up included future Green River guitarist Stone Gossard and Limp Richards' guitarist Charles Guain. The band was around from 82-83.

Spluii Numa, was formed in 82, and included future Green River drummer Alex Vincent. They broke up in 84.

Steve and Mark met in 82 though mutual friend Alex Shumway.

Steve was part of the final line up for Limp Richards. The band was fromed in 81' and added Steve somewhere along the way, but broke up in 84'.

In 83' Steve also played with Smitty (of Mr. Epp) in Doggs with Dreaddloxx. They split later that year.

In June of 83' Steve joined Mr. Epp. They broke up in 84.

In 83' Steve also played in Green River, but left in 84'.

In 85' Steve joined The Thrown Ups with future Bushpig vocalist Ed Fotheringham. Steve was kicked out of/or left the band in 90'.

In 88' Mudhoney was formed.

Bushpig was formed in 89' Steve and Mark joined in 90' after Ed had quit. The band never recorded after 90'

In 91' Steve joined Monkeywrentch. They only released one album, but they have another on the way this year.

In 91' Steve joined up again with Ed Fotheringham in The Sad & Lonely(s). Dan Peters of Mudhoney was played bass for some songs on their record.

In 91' Steve was recruted to play in The Fall-Outs, he quit in 92' to concentrate on Mudhoney.

Matt left Mudhoney leaving the band up in the air and later with lots of interesting line ups

March to Fuzz and album of B-sides and Singles was relased in early 2000, just before Monkeywrench put out Electric Children.

Steve, Mark and Dan are playin in a band called The New Strychinies, who play Sonics covers.

Mark Arm's first band was Mr. Epp. They were formed in 1978. They were dubbed "the worst band in the world", and liked it that way. They played their final show with Malfunkshun in Febuary of 84'.

Mark's next band was Limp Richards, he was recruted sometime after they were formed in 1981. The band broke up in 84'.

Mark and Steve met in 82' though mutal friend, Alex Shumway.

Jack Klugman & the Ice Picks were formed in 1983 and included Todd from Mr. Epp, and Dana and greg from the orginal Limp Richards line up. Also in the band was Verna who played with Steve in Doggs with Dreadloxx.

In 83' Mark joined Green River. With Stone and Jeff, future Mother Love Bone and Pearl Jam players. He left the band in 88' and the rest of the band decided to break up.

Mark joined The Thrown Ups after Steve, with future Bushpig vocalist Ed Fotheringham in 86'. Mark left in 90'.

Mudhoney was formed in 88'.

Mark joined the second lineup of Bushpig in 90' with Steve.

Mark put out one solo album in 90' with the help of Jack Endino. It was titled "The Freewhelin' Bob Dylan".

Mark also played with Steve in Monkeywrench in 91'. They had a single out in 95'.

In 87' Mark joined Bloodloss and their last record was put out in 97' so they might still be around.

Wilde Ratt is a Sonic Youth, Mudhoney, Minutemen and Stooges group. I dont think they have recorded a full LP.

Matt left Mudhoney, just before March To Fuzz was released in early 2000. Monkeywrench's new album was released on Estrus on April 4, 2000.

Mark joins The New Strychinies w/ Tom Price from Gas Huffer, Scott McCaughey from The Young Fresh Fellows and Bill Hendersen from Girl Trouble.

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